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thee final parte 4of thee ending storys it seems I was slod down thee river with out a paddle dynnargh welcolme falite

December 12, 2016

from thee early days in my life people never stayed very long and it seems that what happened in childhood would unfortually happen like a mirror image in my adult hood but I suppose the biggest dissapointmant was mark rought of Cannock if the bloke didn’t make one excuse it was another but still expected me to hel;p him out at first it was gentall percagene but as the time went by it was bullying he could just not understand the terrible things he done with out any contionce or contrission I knew he had his son but yet I was never allowed to see him or have any parte of his life in thee end the situation got so bad then he would go to his mates partys but I was never invited or if I went over there he would go out or when I carried the heavey cakes and felt ill he said I hope you didn’t make a mess on the pathment and if id of saw you dead on thee pathment I would of known it was you it was marks total cruelity towards me and when I said can I stay thee night he said oh just if you come over don’t assume your going to stay like I was a piece of trash when I said well you blasted your ex on thee face book he said nothing when I said that why you blocked me fromn sending you messages he said I didn’t and that his sight had pics of ethan on it and not only that he had regular links with a drag artist there was no end to his deception nand even lied about sending me a birthday card two years running but yet no card came even thou he assured me that he had posted them but yet not even a text he would rather hang about with his mates and go to the gym rather than spend his time with me unfortually its just coused me heart ake and dept I wont be that stupid again the thing with him was he get on his mates van and just give the ussall se4xuall talk but im afraid it looks like with the mankini he was taking tpiss so I called it a day it wasn’t going any where he wanted me up here but when I came he didn’t want to know well that’s it time up time to say thanks to every one in lo0ndon for thee past help thanks to the local housing assiation for renting me a place here thanks to word press and have a happy Christmas and a happy new year so where do I go from here who knows but now ive no one and im heart broken if only ptor paul would of came if only as I loved him so much lifes a bitch goodbye my lifes fineshed on here now at last I turn my back on the situastion

oh dear its thee final parte 4 my times sadley up and I have to say good byeafter nearly four years I really do wish to say that its a happy ever after but sadly its not the case to say a total disaster is an understatement and still that stupid little council in eastern London towerhamlets still terriousing me in trying to make me pay when I wasn’t there for rentlets hope for a public scandle dynnargh welclome falite croeso

December 9, 2016

well its thee final end o0f my life story and thee people I encountered in my life from annimalls paul and keith the pigs at the time was my only friends even thou thay got me into loads of bother over the steeling of thee cakes and that time when paul slipped into my auntys best room and was asleep on her sheep skin rug by the sunhouse electric fire or the time I put sent down the toilet as it said ohda la toilet but when I put bleech on my skin it burnt like mad for a few hours ,or when I eat thee choc dropps that the trouble when your a child you cannot read ,or when I used to make the kittens there little outfits as well as mine out of her old frocks in fact from them days theres one of my self taken in that home made little red number with the white lace collor it was days when it was make mend or do or nothing as my aunt allways had the excuse oh your mother woulnt like it if we got you any thing .then the big blue balloon that was cought on the old fence that day I was so pleased when I showed farmer paul and for a time it was every where I went but when it flew away I felt so sad but little did I realise the pain of the later years would bring me .what farmer paul did well what can  I say but to see him many years in dezes shop that day in the ptor years in fact my mother said do you know paul died on that sunday at the same time I saw him .then there was paul ptor himself the first man that tried to chat me up it seemed at the rtime that love had finally come and my prince was mine how wrone I was as I thought at the time well I wanted that sex bomb prince harry id love a toy boy man ,but there you go as paul went then it was another three years till mark came with his cheek and allways on the want but he just didn’t want to take me anywhere to his mates partryys and after all his promises we never meet  to be continued I got to get thee uttoxeter stage by the light of thee silvery moon I hope them parie dogs anit howerling mind you at least WE HAVENT GOT ANY RED INDIAINS CALLED SUE FIREING ARROWS AT US

its parte three of the ending storys as I return to the year of 2012 and the self employment oh I wished on hindsight I rule thee day I ever got talked into it what a total conn dynnargh welclome falite croeso

December 8, 2016

as one said in the previous parte of this story may be any one else that’s thinking of doing self employment from the dole beware look at the pro s and conns before venchering on such a change for ones self its been dept worry and hardship with tower hamlets loosing the reaseats why the tax people have to have such a stupid system of having to send the reaseats to the council I will never know and they don’t except photo copys it has to be the original documentation .but that’s just one of thee pitfalls off it now apparently ive been in formed that one would have to pay thee money back are thay taking the piss or what as mrs thatcher said no no no this lady is not for giving in with the hours of filming and having to get extra things for doing it where do they think the money came from or do thay think its a harry potter movie where I can wave a wand and yes the money will appear if like by magic on thee floor ,that say the law says I need to live on 73 pounds a week on that system I was getting 125 out of that that council wanted 100 that’s 25 pounds aweek so the fundermentall issues here is why have I got into dept and being chased by dept collection agency s where did thee money go as well as having to pay natuanall insurance conterbutions at 70 every three monthes some people have got lots of exspaining to do  the most important thing here was why was all the reseats and council paperwork  stolen but yet the hopusing officers card was neatly placed on the mat even thou I was told by others its mighty suppisious when thay came to investergate ,but what about here well its a case of giving me the wrong information as you know it was court day at Cannock county court yet I payed the money on waiting for reaseats but only got thee reminders with no letter telling one what I had to pay ,no wonder im at thee end of my teather I wish people would tell the truth and not treat me like im some sort of fucking idiot which insults my intelligence ,there are lots of unanwerd questions that have not been fully addressed when I signed off the dole I was told that yes you get help writing and moderling so why if it wasn’t the case why have after three years been informed different ,im not a charity you know like every one else you do thee work you expect payment that’s why you work in the first place not to get a load of bulshit and promises and words of oh yes we can make you rich so why hasn’t it happened ,justice has not been done as for tower dodgie hamlets thay would tell lies for England Scotland Ireland and wales as well as the isle of man they terriosed me they got what thay wanted in getting me out of there flat and still thay are taking the piss when you leave any where after 18years your entitled to moving costs I got nothing not exectible or indeed fair ,and an insult

its parte two of the final ending storys and the miss information lies and deiseat that I have had to put up with from the bally lot of them tower hamlets the main culprit of them all shame on you they seem to think I came on thee last rain shower dynnargh welclome falite croeso

December 6, 2016

it seems that this drama will never end if it hasn’t been one thing its been another it all started nyon 4 years past in 2012 after years of being on the unemployment and having to endure the way I was dissrpected and make to feel like a piece of worthless shit by these training people it evenchally blew up in to a furious row when this pond life of a bloke insulted me in the training room as you know the government make it there bussnes to forse the long term unemployes off the regester called seasonally adjusted figgers the aim is to put you into these training sceames so that as they have targets to with held after thousands of waisted job inter wiews that turned out to be the same old excuse oh your too over qualified or your too old or your haven’t got the right looks as I pointed out what do you think this interview is a dateing ajencey its wheather I can do the job not how I dress or what I am how dare you in the Braintree years it blew up to such an extent the local press got in volved and because the then job center would not stand up for me about this shop job I went for when I was told your not from here no way can we take you and the other when thay said we have only one toilet or no  disabled or your too old or in Chelmsford I was told no fags none of your type or one in London said no women stay at home get a bloke to look after you or the worst one of all was there was this firm in white chapple who the dss at hoxston arranged two meets on the fone the said employer said no thanks we don’t want british white pigs and starting sporting on about what we did all them years ago as I pointed out you olde bag what ever England did in the past is not my problem and I woulnt work for you if you payed me ,its understandable in eastern London most employers there would only take on family members as when I used to get the boys to help in batty fashions they would never employ an outsider which I thought was very unfair but you cant forse any one to take you if they don’t like your skin colour .so any way I was told if I wanted my stamp or ever get any of the unemployment jsa benefits ever I would have to sign off and take self employment or ill never get benefit ever ,so I was left with an cumundrum would I be able to support ones self doing what I could do so oft I went back to hoxston job center aFTER CDC IN WHITE CHAPPLE SCARBOROUGH STREET SAID WELL YOU COULD ALLWAYS LIE ON  YOUR RESSIMEY OR CIRTIUM VIATA LIKE YOU COULD BUMP UP YOUR QUALIFICATIONS SAY YOUR A POILOT OR A DOCTOR WE WILL BACK YOU UP AS I SAID WHAT DREAM WORLD YOU IN IM NOT GOING TO LIE TO IMPROVE YOUR BLOODY FIGGERS BUT SHE SAID WE ARE PAYED ON YOU LEAVE THE DLOE THE GOVERMENT CAN SAY UNEMPLOYMENT FIGGERS HAVE GONE DOWN AS I SAID ILL DO YOUR SELF EMPLOYMENT AS I NEVER WANT TO SUFFER THE INDIGNATY OF YOU LOT ,SO I WENT TO THE DLOE OFFICE AND AGREED TO GIVE THEM WHAT THAY WANTED I DIDNT REALLY HAVE A CHOICE SO SHE SAID WHAT YOU GOING TO DO I SAID WRITTING MODLEING PIC OKAY OH YES T YOULL GET HELP FROM WORKING TAX CREADITS AS YOULL ONLY MAKE A FEW POUNDS A WEEK SO I AGREED I THOUGHT ANYTHINGS BETTER THAN THE SAULESS EXISTNACE ON THE DOLE AND BEEING CUT OFF WITH NOTHING .SO ON MAY 20012 I LEFT AND WITH THE GENTALL AUTHORS HELP I STARTED DOING THE STORYS FROM THE PAPER ID WRITTEN ON AT THE TIME IT WAS HARD LEARNING HOW TO USE A COMPUTOR AND HARDER EMOTUIONALLY HAVING TO REVIST AND LIVE THE STORYS OF MY CAR CRASH PAST ON THE OTHER HAND WOULD ANY BODY BE INTERESTED EVEN THOU AT THAT TIME 20 YEARS PREVIOUSLEY THAt in the Braintree years I was asked to do that but on the other hand I thought thee world has moved on and people have mostly forgotten about the 1970s humor or in deed about a man that abused you but as I thought what other opitions are open none or its the  streets again and I thought ive slept on park benches in Ipswich back in 1980 I don’t want to go there again park benches and foxey eating my cheese rolls should be left inb thee past and not only that its cold and very frightening on the streets no body wants to know you only insult you next time the story continues as I go back to late 2012 so until then time to get the uttoxeter stage coach in this thick foggey night in temperatures of 34 deggrees farenhite

a selection of pics about tower hamlets and Christmas in uttoxeter

this is uttoxeter calling thee ending storys part one of fouras I look back at thee events of my time here and whats the best place in Staffordshire dynnargh welclome falite ,

December 5, 2016

well what can I say if id of known what was going to happen this year I would not of belived it I think on hindsight I think I would of done what I should of thinking of doing in the first place when at secpit towersi should of just packed a bag and disappeared where no one or any think would of found me as it seemed at the time as I sat by candle light over Christmas festival at my wits end but theres you go as you know it all started with that bloody tower hamlets council in there bullying and trying to turf me out on thee streets as you know my dear friends with the gentall authors help manage to raise funds but after that with the missing paperwork ie statements from the wanking tax people I should of known there and then as it was pointed out to me in the street the council are total bastards thay hate your kind and the poofs will be driven out of the borough to some extent that’s true on leaving tower hamlets the bars pubs for the gays had gone and if you think about it if it had been done to any one else there would of been riots ,so then of course there was the break in  who did it I hope who ever thay are that they burn in hell .but what happened since well as you know I left at the end of july and the gental author put the closing story on his site ,but im sad to say nothing changed the same old problems but just a different area .the council got there way and now the bastards sent me a bill to say oh you owe us money as the dwp said you left in late august well they got the letter back in july I was promist that since I left the dwelling I would get help as I gave up the property but like allways when you deal with pond life they never tell the truth in fact if thay told me the sky was blue id have to check and see if it was true .it seems thou even thou I left London the same idiots still take the piss and in sult my intelligence in the bargine a few weeks ago I spoke to my friends at the shop in Waltham abbey it seems that they were concerned about lack of corroperation  and help even one person tried to help but im sad to say it fell right on its ass so what about here well on Friday this council are taking me to court over the poll tax here you get one bill which I didn’t get until you get a reminder which I payed what they asked I asked around the neighboars I was in formed they will send you the correspondence you need we get ours every month so I thought well okay then I got another reminder in the mean time I wrote to the council and asked for a payment card but no response so I thought ill try to see if I can use the bill twice oft I went to the paypoint oh no he said we cant do it again youll have to wait for the next bill so when the next one came again I payed it and then here in the library on the Monday after I got the summons to go to Cannock county court I spoke to the lady here oh no she saiud we cant cancel it as I pointed out well I was under the impression that I got a bill each month she said oh you could of payed it here but it mensions no reference to that on the bill .so what about every thing else well as I knew when I came here that I would not make any friends of the male type ,as for mark well what can I say the trouble here is you get speaking to people in the shops then the shops go one old man in our block says they will not speak to him even thou thay do me but mainly I get this lot tutting oh shocking as they look down there long noses different generation ,mostly the people here are rich four car owners its a place where you come to retire to after you made your millions ,I must admit I feel very uncomfortable here so lets look at the other towns well Stafford it got on my tits with all the sniggering and comments like what ye come as so what of Cannock well people was friendly in hednesford I could be my self in what I went about my bussness in my short skirts and high heels I suppose you cant please every one all of the time ,but I miss the people comuing up to me and having a chat and I miss pauls ptors manley cream cakes sent .perhaps I shouldn’t of belived mark the thing with him is that he doesn’t understand that a realationship is not based on the fone I ve been speaking to blokes yp here they mostly have kids from preavious realitionships but yet have time for there new partners but they did say all partners cost a lot of money but as I pointed out at least you see yours where I haven’t mine in fact on his last vist to secpit towers he said I fingerd his bum and reported me to his boss and blatenly lied about it as I told him if that would of been the case I would of slapped it over my knee .what can one do ? next time the scandle with working tax creadits and cdc so until then

Christmas in Staffordshire this is Uttoxeter calling 2016 dynnargh welcome croeso falite

December 2, 2016

well another Christmas is fast approaching as the shops tills ringing there tunes and the christmas shoppers shoppers rush around the town with buying of there presants and the trees and the trimmings as the kids count down thee days till santa arrives to come down the chimmey stack with his sleaigh all full of goodys  waiting for there owners but have we forgotten the true meaning of Christmas and its oragines about the story of jeasus in his manger of straw at first theres was no room in the inn as you know Christmas was really in January 6th but as the years and calendar changed it was moved to December as for boxing day it was for the toffs who had butlers in the big stately homes it was king albert in Victorian times that intrudused us to the Christmas tree and in Victorian times the idear of Christmas took off from its early begginings but theres allways been a festival even in paigon times how the world has changed but have we forgotton its the thought that counts in our modern age as we reamember our familys and friends near and far and some sadly we will never see again ,excuse the spelling some ones eating .its the one time a year that we should spare a thought for people that whom have nothing and us that spend our times on our own but not buy choice .so as we once again decorate our houses to ward off the spirts at Christmas it should never be forgotton the true meaning of it piece and will towards all men .I hope you have a happy Christmas and may your wishes come true for me I was hoping to spend it with mark d rought but the little bastards gone and disappeared what a total pig men so as you get ready to stuff the turkie as the geeeze are getting fat the ducks are a quaking and that’s a fact and the farmers that work through out thee year to grow and nercher  the things so thay grow nice and big ,it time to wish you all a happy Christmas once again next time shouls I stay or just say call it a day here and why my life is still dogged by the unreasonableness with tower hamlets the working tax creaits mark rought and his piggish ways ect lifes a bitch so until the next time as the blog final comes to its demise every thing has its day sadly if any body would of told me how this year had of turned out when I put my calendar up on the wall I would never of belived it but there you go as I once said to ptor in the white chair shop in sclater street 7 years ago allways keep thee spirt of Christmas in your heart paul and never forget also a happy Christmas to all my friends on face book and one very important one you know whom you are don’t yea

parte 13 in the final episode of thee pink finger of olde Brownhills towne as dealer and Chelsea try to catch the fingers or two have you been fingered dynnargh croeso welclome falite

November 30, 2016

I say dealer lets get this train to hednesford as the honey bear is growerling again as there have been numerous reports of him waking every one up in the towne ,so wheres Boudicca oh as they get of the train theres she is as dealer goes up to ones self I say olde girl are you going to tame him yes as one can see ive got two whips this time and the three legged stool as Chelsea says good luck olde been as I say he will need it .in the distance going towards pye green they see the pink finger quick says dealer theres a bus lets get on it look hes going towards Cannock as the bus gets to Cannock thee finger disappears oh no what we do all of a sudden mr platform calls them get in a taxi to brown hills thee pink finger has been sighted there as Chelsea says that’s inpossible sir weve just seen him here and the newt family blaggord chummy harlet and harlett newt shall we bring them inn for questioning sir as mr platform explains you cant bring them in they have pertection of a law and not only that the local newt pond is only for newts with class and to thee pond you have to show special id ie thee nipple as Chelsea says well that does really get on your tits sir ,look dealer theres a taxi lets get in it as they get in thay say to the driver to Brownhills with all speed my good chap as thee taxi speeds oft down the road they soon arrive in Brownhills by this time its getting dark as thee olde fog comes down like a pea souper soon the streets as the shops close all you can here is the sounds of thee traffic in Birmingham city in the farr distance .as dealer and Chelsea scour thee streets as they look here and there and every where but they coulnt see head nor hair of t

he olde pink finger all of a sudden a car draws up as thee door opens and mr platform tells them to get in gentall men theres been sightings in burtwood and wednesbury we will vist there the night draw on but in both places thee pink finger cannot be found as mr platform says its time gentall men for a breaffing at the office in Cannock they soon arrive as mr platform says well gentall men be seated it looks like this charictor called thee pink finger has out foxed us and for centrys he has managed to escape many people it seems hes a fact of life and there for thee pink finger is a sign of comtempt in our country for many centerys and theres nothing we can do or any one for thee want of thee hourse the rider was lost for thee want of the nail was lost for thhe want of the message the battle was lost for the want of the battle was lost all for thee want of thee hourse gentall men I looked at your reports very inspireing and now gentall men case closed heres your wages with a bit extra good bye a taxis waiting to return you to London be in touch soon good bye      thee pink finger of olde brown hills towne based on a oridinall idear by ones self starring thee pink finger            also starring thee hednesford bear grr                   make up by Boudicca thee Cannock polka devised by my self choriograghy by my self thee uttoxeter tutt by the people that live there music and dance devisesd by ones self the 1720 stroys by one self thanks for reading  next time its Christmas in uttoxeter and the ending storys so until then