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coming soon the return of gudio fawkes from 1605 remember rember thee 5th of November and on a old pic I brought guy fawkes signature has appeard on the back plus the ghost lamp the pics coming soon chilling or what ??? dynnargh welclome falite croeso

October 6, 2017

so heres the pic of thee tower of London which was built by the normans in around 10th centery heres the pic s


as promist thee harry cake and dresses I saved up for over thee years from1984 to 2017 when sadly it came to an end of my time putting the decorations to cellibrate prince harrys special day dynnargh welclome falite croeso

October 6, 2017

for many years I would IMG_20170927_150551IMG_20171006_111609

save the money in a old tin and in the Braintree years I would get on the train or bus to chelmsfard and Colchester and look around bonds in chelmsford or marks and sparks or cand a thay had the look I was looking for but I thought after 33 years years it was finally time to take my last curtsy and say good bye to the harry years I m so glad he has found the love of his life in megan and every happiness to them both September was a month of saying good byes tom a neibour left and people in the town all left whom I used to speak to Richard who after many monthes who when he had no food to eat as he was awaiting his universall credit I felt so sorry for him I asked his fellow neighbours to help him thay refused so I had to help him but in stead of him saying thanks he exploded in frount of every body and when I asked him if he had any money help he went mad I lent him a tv and he told me to mind my own bussness and said if I wanted the tv I would have to pay him 90 pounds to get it back the trator and that was the start of the end of my time in uttoxeter the trouble like it has allways been I never have any support no one stands up for me and with no allies I was done for Boudicca one had a army I haven’t got no one

coming soon the harry decorations as for the past 33 years I brought the dresses and made the cakes to cellibrate prince harrys special day dynnarghwelclome falite croeso

October 4, 2017

lso coming up guy fawkes from 1605 and the history of uttoxeter so lets start with uttoxeter the town and the surrounding area was in exsistance in the laTE 4th centery in the 5th centery ad 600 the Saxons in vaded and took the lands from the celts the place ran along the river dove many on the west side and the place comprises as a monor house and to leages of woodland in the olde kingdom of mercia in 1069 William the conquer changed the name to Staffordshire from wotochesde ,and in 1086 the land was given to henry d ferrers lord of tutbury who helped William win the battle of hastings earlier in 1066 on getting it he rebuilt tutbury castle and in 1138 his son took over the works in 1266 here was lots of fighting and in 1256 it was all given away to the earl of lester by king henry the 3rd the name of uttoxeter was given formally in 1252 and until 1308 it was given the rights to hold markets and fairs in the town over the years the town grew to what it is today with its medieval streets and ghosts in the white heart pub in carter street and ijn the town hall. next time I look at my life hear and why its soon time to leave also coming up the ghost lamp has returned and the figger by the lamp and the headless horseman pics in november

and heres the Scottish decorations never filed before from 1986 to cellibrate saint Andrews day nove 30th

October 2, 2017

for many years they was put up but not filmed here thay areIMG_20170926_123343IMG_20170924_124723IMG_20170926_123355IMG_20170926_123333IMG_20170926_123423IMG_20170927_150551

the decorations of mysterys first put up in 1985 dynnargh welclome croeso falite

October 2, 2017

for many years the dcorations was never filmed but here thay are IMG_20170924_124723IMG_20170924_124803IMG_20170926_123411

remember remember thee 5th of November 1605 heres guy fawkes from 1605 and his trusty lantern dynnargh welclome falite coeso

October 2, 2017

as you know November 5th 1605 was the night guy fawkes tried to blow up the houses of parliament every year the day is celebrated by bonfires and fire worksIMG_20171001_170215IMG_20171002_100818IMG_20171002_100846

and her are my birthday decorations for November 6th the day has over the years been forgotten dynnargh welclome falite croeso

October 2, 2017

over the years my birthday by mark d rought like every one else seems to be forgotten oh I sent you a card says he then as I wait for the mail man no card heres the decorations first put up in 1986IMG_20170927_152508IMG_20170927_151522IMG_20170927_150413IMG_20170927_150551