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Its goodbye to London from 1994 to 2016 at last I turn my back on bethnallat last I give up thay won as my life is now fineshed hear as I finally turn my back on London and banglour poxy green in 1400s well towerhamlets. Councill think it is at rushmeed office dynnargh falite croeso

August 1, 2016

oh the trouble here and I just couldn’t put up with it no more the trouble here was the council barking woof andbgudio Fawkes at the tower of London who will following me where I go but I shall miss the city slickers thay are such antesen does therebwallet look good in these London the west is where to live with the famous buldingsbto vist and that sex gorgeous prince harry lives in London but the east is not the place to live in bethnall green if your gay or trasgenda thay will make your life a living hell so thanks to the boys on the market great knowing you all and thanks to the gentlesurtorb good bye rubber jonnie and bye ptor ill miss you creamy cakes smell love you its time for me to take my final curtsy x. Thay on perpise made my life a living hell the trouble was thay was determined to get me out of here and make sure I had not a pot to piss in the place is so out of tough with there biggortedbbackwardsbthinkingbthay hate my kind and anythink elesrnthat don’t fit in with there belives so I say if thats your attitude. Stuff your flat yp your ass I’ve gone to the country called England so its goodbye to all the places I knew Tottenham. Pop

As you know I’ve known many marks in my time and I’m sad to say thay have been the worst of the blokes with there lies cheering swinderling and dissrepectfull ways and the promises of an alliance which would never be its seems strange what a person will fo just for the money 💵 dynnargh falite so lets return to 1983

August 1, 2016

oh the name mark why are men by this name associated with me giving money whilst they never have the time or make excuses why thay didn’t show up 👆 the 10 marks I knew had criminal. Records as long as your arm but I only found out when it was to late they were the biggest cheers and liers that godbever put breath into and thebpromised ofba tealationshipbwhichbthey knew thay would never meet take for instance the lasy one from 2013 we known each other three or more years but yet. He never makes time for me and when I lived in London it was me helping him outb but even thou we talked about me staying with him over the week end he allways got out of it at the last minute butbyet in frointnogbhis mate it was oh yea I want it and full of sec talk but now after knowing each other and him calling his mate ohbpresious in my bedroom. Nowbim moovingbcloser to him the bastard. Don’t want to know

As in the dyeing days of thee London years 1994 2016its time to look back at some of the characters one once knew from the inform us rubber Jonny who could read French letters to ptor mark the Leyton wapper so lets return to 2003 and my first meeting with rubber Jonny

July 28, 2016

oh there has been many encounters with the secondhand dealers ofbolde London town .and the most famous three of them all ohbrubber Jonny. Friend ofbptor and there was many times it came to a head with him but he could slip through the finger and like all secondhand dealers got that rogeish look in there eyes 👀 there was many times I had to take him in hand and pull him up over his behaviousvmen but yet it was rubber honny that gave nw the biggest shock of all when he said on that day do you know he likes you whom i said you know he’s names Paul Dublin jims boy 👦 I reamember thinking 😔 no surly it cannot be true. He’s such a big cutie and finally the Leyton wapperb with his smoldering good looks and charm he could charm the birds of the trees so there you go may but may be of what of now well the Cannock bear 🐻 annother mark who I’ve known for three years has gone and let me down 👇 next time as I look at the ten marks I once knew and thay was the biggest villians of all from 1982 2016

At last I turn my back on Bethnal green as I finally give up on trying to deal with this biggote councill as I’ve smelt manmade cream for the millionth time as here’s its been one humiliation after another as I’m leaving thay won by forceing me out of here would I ever come back the answer never

July 21, 2016

oh the trials and trubulations of my life here it would test the pationtonts  of a saint to say its been a living hell thats an understatement from the humiliation of ptor back in 2009 and my love for the bloke  if only he took my warnings of what had gone before but i must admit he was the first bloke that took interest in me as a person and even thou he held my hand in iceland that time and the time in his shop which proberly one of the most contented times here but as you know it ended badley and that was to finally seal the end  as i found my self alone and cut off till i met the gentall arthor  and dan and charlie but the finall demise of my time at secpit towers was at the hand of the pond life councill on there various attempts to get me out of the place with the loosing on perpose the documents and even in the self employment times i was only getting 100 pounds a week but yet i was expected to pay 109 pounds which was more than i got so wheresn the justice in that as well as 100pounds poll tax as well as the dodjie works and what the mouses danaged the workman broke but the most suppriceing was in this area its self and from rushmeed housing officeand there biggorted attututed  towards me with such hate in there mannor and this silly nonsance regarding there own time 1437 they need to realise that there a london borough in london and not a banana rupublic  they make me pay court charges but yet even thou they have had rthousands of pounds from me they have given nothing in return only dept and greff and disspare then cheeky gits even did me out of the court charges which if you payed i was suppose to get back if um only get  73 pounds per week then yopu shoulnt have to pay 1009 get reall tower hamlets in your posh world of opulence in dock lands and smell the coffee

so lets returnto 2007 and my vist to towerhamlets headquarters on thee isleknown as docklands with floors of white marble and solid gold and lots of previous jewlesmakes the queen 👑 house look poor dynnargh wich means hello in cornish falite which is irish diaduit conas Ata tu which means hello how are u croeso which is welsh

July 9, 2016

as you know once upon a time in the land of Bethnal green the place that time forgot I was asked. To go over to the isle of dog 🐶 woof woof woof woof asbyou know over there its a different world of riches opulence as I entered the councill offices with the central area with glass lifts that travel on the outside but yet indifenthis klike space age buldingbinbthe central covers court yard there white marble and a dissplay of trees. As I looked at the city slickers in there allocated shows as they waled along asvi thought make it snappy end of part one

as you know the pondlife have not sorted out the poll tax reaenburst ment so as thay would not except my offer even thou therebsupposedbto pay poll tax benifit and thay will be forever cursedwelclome falite croeso dynargh let battlebcommence with towerhamlets in there yearb1437

July 6, 2016

thay have done nothing but make my life a total missery and as you all know thay tryed in April this year to make me pay court costs as thay never sorted out the benifits and lost the paperwork conveniently so tomorrow. Thursday I will go to the bow magistrates. Court at 1pm British summer time and I’m going to tell them about what injusteses this councill has done as well as the humiliation and financial. Hard ship 🚢 thay have coused me so come skong and see the farce of towerhamlets the mini seris and then on August the 12th I’m off id rather live on the streets than deal with this lieing cheering lot

and nows its time to look at the metric systemis it time to restore and restanderise it back to inches feet 👣 chains links and pounds and ozs and use the Fahrenheit on our cookers

July 2, 2016

I must admit when the metric systems was introduced along with our traditional weights and measures for me it was no no no on having many cookers and compairingbthe centergrade way I found thebovensbscaled in deggrees Fahrenheit. Hot hotter and cooked better if you think about the old pounds shillings and pence days our pound was worth 240 so what happens to the 140pence when we changed back in 1971 somes you revert back and think at the prices like for instance is that jar of coffee really gone up by 30bob for me the old money was heard to learn but the coins was better shape not like that stupid 5p that your allways looseing as for the fabric lets keep it in yards and our veg in pounds and not only that when the boyfriend says he’s got 7inches of pleasure well at least you know what’s on offer


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