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as halloween fast approches once again with the shops full of halloween pumpkins and sweets and witches and ghosts the festival orringanly from ireland to cellibrate the end of the year as once upon a time the year only had 10 monthes untill the romans came julie and her gang the pagion festerval was one of the mile stones of the julian callendar dynnargh welclome falite croeso

October 22, 2016

as we all know the festival of halloween was started in Ireland many  moons ago the festival has allways been a time of life and death the sprits come to life to walk with the living on all hallows eve but it is in the U S A  WHERE THE FESTIVAL TOOK OFF .WITH HOUSES DECORATED WITH HALLOWEEN DECORATIONS AND CHILDREN TRICK OR TREATING GOING DOOR TO DOOR .as one would know i too celibrate the festival.even in england the halloween tradition has taken off to most clergy they are looking in horror as the fetivals origines .but one thing that still seems to be missing from the shelfs is the halloween card the laST ones appeared in braintree back in 1985 i reamember one verve i read in one it said want to here the kiddys scream send them out on halloween .but halloween has that magical air about it .with my friends the witches going to there partys mind you the poor old witches charictor is a bit unfair and the witches i know dont wear pointed hats and have walts on there faces and noses thay are just ordinary people going about there daily bussnes or earing a living  then of course theres the games when i last had a party that was back in the braintree years in 1991 and the laST ONE WAS IN 1992 WE DID THE APPLE DUNKING BUT MY PUSSY HAD OTHER IDEARS AND JUMPED IN THE PLASTIC PADDERLING POOL IN THE LIVING ROOM AND MY PUSSY JUST BLEW UP ALL STIFF I TELL YOU IT TOOK AGES AND AGES TO GIVE MY PUSSY A BLOW DRY .MUCH TO EVERY ONES AMMUSEMENT AS THEY SMOKED THERE CIGS AND DRANK THE PUNCH AND TOFFEE APPELLS AND THE HOME MADE triffel ,wich had so much spirts in it it made a few o0f my guests rather sqiffy good job they all lived mainly local as for the others it was the train thee next day .but its a night to be enjoyed as the olde saying goes if your pussy starts to purr on halloween night theres a ghost in the room .and mine allways did unless some sexy guy didnt get his marlers hands on it first that was the hing in them days men just coulnt keep there hands off my pussy so what ever your doing on all hallows eve  enjoy your selfs and reamember spirts can come at any time as they say you have a message from in there way as the candle flickers its flame it means a message by letter will come your way .if it spitts thats another sign but allways reamember the hottest part of the flame is the blue part at the bottom the yellow is the coolset part and each clour denotes its own meaning so soon it will be time to once again put up my decorations on OCTOBER £!ST HERES SOME DECORATIONS FROM SECPIT TOWERS PAST “2012  FROM 1986 box 8 BOX * as it will the first ones here but the difference i wont be on the pics sadley next time next week it will be this is stoke on trent calling the return,

thee rainbows at rugley station in middle Staffordshire dynnargh welclome falite croeso this be rugley calling rugley calling

October 21, 2016

as you know I went to hednesford the return part two of three as the train pulled into the station of rugley the sky had a few black clouds and the fluffy cotton wool ones ,as I got off the train  and waited at the station for the electric Stafford train to arrive the sky went different shades of black and before I knew it the heavens opened never have I seen so much rain it came down like sterriods in torents of water as I made for the train shelter for cover then in the rain the sun appeared and through the rain was this double rain bow .then as the Stafford train arrived the rain stopped as quickly as it came and heres the pics

the return to stafford via the villages this is uttoxeter calling as the seasons change with the chill of autumthe fall in the air dynnargh welclome falite croeso

October 21, 2016

on my last vist to stafford via hednesford as i walked through the victoria park as nature once again shows it colours of red orange yellow and green as the chill of autum bites my nose but who ever knows what the winter has in store after the fall as the people mill about you here the man shout where you going my duck to his wife as she hurrys by so what did catch her eye as he took on a spurt to catch her up as the olde toilets beckon as the staues in the park glint in the sun as its shadows pass by as the wind blows through the trees as the leaves fall to the ground as the olde gardener tends the ground as the birds stand there with out a sound waiting pationally to see is there a tasty morcell to be had as he tends the soil as the worms riggle there heads as before long they will be dead as the birds moove in for the kill as the robin with his red breast on show pluffs up his winter coat as he gobbels up his tea as the trees sway in the breeze as i go on my way back into the town as i look up to see the christmas decorations up on the lamp posts for all to see as thoughts turn to christmas time before long the tills will be ringing again with coins a gingerling its a autum time at stafford as the shoppers go by with there bags of shopping with there brightly coloured bags full to the brim as soon its time to wait for the bus and watch the world just go by untill a hunky man walks by with his goods on show as he stands there doing his pose who ever knows is he on his own as he stands there like a grisserly big bear with his manley stare but oh yes over there i see his wife with his kids greet there man as then they walk to his blue van and then they was gone as this other guy whissles his song and before long the olde bus comes along and thats time to return once again to uttoxe

ter once again

coming up cannock in west staffordshire but first the return to the story of south end on sea in the county of essex this is southend calling to uttoxeter dynnargh welclome falite croesofurther from home from 1975 to 2015

October 19, 2016

DSCF1019as you know a couple of years ago now in the january i visted south end on sea as you know essex has many sea side places but south end is the one which in the 1960s 1970s 1980s is where the londers went to spend there holidays as well as them teddy boys and mods and rockers in the 1950s and them hunky leather bikers on there love machines would ride through the town at high speed but for me it was them horney skinhead bovver boys in there bovver boots was the most nipple hardening ones that had the look that fired the ammagination as they say theres nothing like a bit of rough and for me the more a man looks hard the better i like it ,as you know when i returned that day it was the tail end of christmas boy wasnt that wind cold as i nearly got blown over the sea wall but like every where else southend has changed the lights which could out do blaCK POOL HAD GONE AND THE PEIR WAS STILL THERE with its train running up and down and the olde peters pan playground and the boating lake and the victoria shopping center and the royals with there bright sparkerly lights with thee shops with there sale goods on show.lots of famous people lived in south end for instance miss libby who has written so many books now david dale who used to go to the rough pub on the sea frount the forresters

coming up remember remember the 5th of november 1605

October 18, 2016
remember remember the 1603

the ghost pic of another time ? and there looks like it has a secret to be told

thee return to hednesford in west staffordshire dynnargh welclome falite croeso this is uttoxeter calling hednesford

October 18, 2016

so yesterday i cought the bus from uttoxeter to our county town of stafford as the bus chugged along the long winding road up hill down dale as the wind blew its icey chill through the trees as i sat on them hard bus seats i tell thee my jacksey had pins and needles in it .we arrived at stafford i hour laTER as then i walked through the vistoria park which nature has putt on its autum collection of redss and yellows in the park as the trees show there true colours .as then i walked up to the rail station and waited for the electric train to run to rugley as i hour later it rolled into the station .and as the controller blew his whissle the train started to chugg along the tracks as it went through the long tunnel as it made youre ears pop .as it eventally rolled into the station then it was the long climb over the bridge to the other side as i hobbeled up the stares at the top of the summett the wind blew its full forse right up the skirt i tell you cold or wat .as i got to the other side the train chugged into the station as this hunky gard opened the door and said we dont leave for 35mins but you can sit and then it wont be long till we ride i thought you naughty boy i bet you would like to see my ticket and i bet you like a ride and go all the way for a small fee ah ah .mind you its unualle the men are clean shaven but i like the bearded look they look more manley with the beards on them get the hednesford look .so as the train the desill one started up after its long rest the train started along the tracks through the forests of thick dence woods as through the gaps in the trees you could see the rolling green hills of staffordshire and the occational sheep . the train pulled into the station ,as the hunk of the train gard flashed his smile at me as he looked all hunky and i bet his engline was hot as well so i set off up the long srtares to the summet and then went over the bridge into the windy town the town coprices of many shops lots of fitness centers trhere i thought im fit to drop i dont need to go into a fitness center  asa the wind blew all its gusto at me .as you could see the leaves doing there dance along the ground like a game as thay chased each other up in the air .as the bits of blue sky came through the clouds as i contined up the road and up thee hill as i saw a pigeion flew by as i started to take the pics as i saw the green hills of cannock chase in the disstance as i then went back down the steep hill and then went into the town ,and heres the pics THIS IS HEDNESFORD CALLING >

and heres the last of the Cornish decorations from early this year to mark the patron saint saint dynnargh welclome

October 14, 2016

as you all know every year I put up to mark saint pirons day     of cornwall on the 4th of march I hope every one in cornwall enjoyed there day as you know kermow is a country in a country corn wall is an independent state with its own flag .and laugwich which has been around since the 12th centery plus it has loads of druids the country has a magic of its own unlike any where else with its luch landscapes and ideal for the famous painters of the past to paint the fishing villages and magical landscapes