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theslaterstreetmonthesstaring paul

July 21, 2012


well it all begain back in the summer of 2009 when paul and his brother d took over from the record shop that used to be rhere and it was only by chance that i was down that way as the previouos people told me that they would try to get my record in the previous month but they had gone and d and this hunky buitifull gorgus man with these big blue eyes was looking at me as they sat there like a couple of bookends on the settie who was this god i thought as he shot out and sat in his blue car as i looked at these chairs at the back of the shop as i sked d how much they was as we talked i could see him looking at me and wat a lovlerly smile he had knever has any man looked at me like that before d said thats my brother and even thou id known the family for guite some time id haddent seen this god before as i said my good bye and said id think about the chaires he drove o0ff  so then i went down to see john and asked who this god was oh he said thats paul wow i thought i contined to go into the shop a few more times and one day he wasnt there i felt so dissapointed and went home and cryed and thought to my self oh well so i left it a couple of weeks and went by the shop but it was closed another couple of weeks went by and then it was open again and there he was more hansome than ever and he did like he did before went straight out and sat in his car darren said i bet you like to buy a car like that not realiey its the owner is what i want this god so i went down a couple of days later paul wasnt there but darren had his mate with him guite quite cute looking man  so darren said were are going to a house clearence on friday theres a old cooker in there come on friday to see if we got it so its was wednesday so i went on the friday aftrenoon mitch darren was out side eating a take away come back to mmrow okay  i said so i returend the next day no sign opf darren only paul on his own as he sat there with this big grin on his face i just looked at this stunning god as he tapped the seat beside him as i sat down i felt nevious and was getting worred as we talked and it seemed like id known him for a life time as we talked about kieth the pig from woodgreen that id known for 14 years and was a total pif so thought now u know the score u wont do thsat to me he was wearing this pink tweety pie teashirt so i said if i find a tweety pie i will get it for him so on the tuesday i had to go to dalston market to give the boys there cakes as i knew micheal but unfortully i found out he was married so i wasnt going to go there any way i went into the shopping center and asked in the card shop if they had any trrety pie things oh know but i will ring our stratford branch a few mins later she came off the fone oh yess they have a tweety pie balloon its the only one left and they found it upstairs by chance do u want them to save it and u will have to pay now id only had 10pounds and i dont get payed for a couple of days wat do i do well he is more important and i want to make him so happy so i payed the money said my goodbyes to the boys at dalston and then got the main tube from liverpool street it took me ages to find the shop but managed to we just got to blow it up for u ithought it would be a rubber one we will put it in the black bag for u as i knoetest a couple of toy bears in there and i just had enought money to get them with the tag with paul on it it was quite windy i was worred that id get it back okay and i had to walk from bethnal green statoin i just managed it in time as paul was just closing hi hansome i said had a good day not bad wats s this a balloon for u he looked ever so pleased with it  a few days later passed and he was there with his mate mitch mitch said oh pauls impressed with the goods and talks about you all the time were going to a party later ijn watford  so i said see u later and came back and found 40 photos and went back down to his shop i showed them to mitch paul said can i see them as he looked your a womanmitch said want a drink any one paul said yess i said thanks for asking but not for me as paul stood by the door i put my hand on his back he was hot and i gave him a liittle cuddle when mitch went around the shop he came back and said u like paul dont u i said hes like a big bear and i want to take him home and cuddle him allnight as mitch filmed me on his mooobile fone as paul said no one gets under my skin as i admited that i wannted him his dad came in and said its time to go  i said lookafter him wont u i dont anything to happen to the big cuddly bear see u again mitch said okay so ileft it a couple more days and went to white chapple and got paul a ring and ani tag as i went inthe shop and sat beside him on the setty as i put my hand on his leg he smilled at me and somethig was stiring in his blue jeans as he was gettin hotter and i could feel his heart beat increasing i was just about to bring out a couple of choc biscuites id got for his troucer snake that i had in my bag all of a sudden theses  two women walked in one had terrible warts on its face and the other one had a big fat face as he got up off the settie oh this is my girlfriend i just didnt know wat to do and wanted the floor to swallow me up so she said so your the one that he talks about all the time non stop and then they walked out i was not pleased so she came back in and tryed to kiss him she just walked away so i left and notest a wet mark on his jeans ohn know i thought his troucer snakes crying i hope i aint puncherd it so i went and got a sorry card to give him and found a puncher repair out fit under the sink and took it back down the shop they was still there so i just gave him the card and left

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