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now its time for the last of the fanticy storys so sitting comfee then i will begine as we meet plumby chummy and his mate stinkers as thay go and do wat the english men do fishing and shooting in there leasure time watto

February 23, 2014


once upon a time in the little village of stiff lowerlip shire inmiddle England theres a little stream that runs by the old brook by the disused windmill as plumby turns to his mate whilst still in the city and says to his working pall stinkers I say old been one has notised that ones eyes are loosing the brightness of the £ sign hows about coming with thee for a spot of the old fishing with one tommrow afternoon at the old stream all you have to bring is the champers and some flys for use as bate hows say you old thing ?so stinkers reaplies oh watto goly good show old fruite what a totally spiffing idear one cant wait tally hoe for now I say stinkers old bean whats that in your mouth at the side ?what does one mean plumby ?well one has a bit of a number still in ones mouth oh I see old bean that’s oh hold on its that number 69 I had trouble crunching on it as it left a nasty taste in ones mouth I don’t like 69s oh I see old bean said plummy chummy one has done the right thing in spitting it out see you say about 12pm tally hoe for now old thingokay yarr see one then the next day came as we meet plummy chunmmy and his mate stinkers by the side of the stream oh watto old been now lets see with a bit of country air if we can get that pound sign in your eye a bit brighter to match once again the dollor sign in the other what does one say so stinkers reapies jolly good show abosulity toppingold fruit as thay sit town in there suits heres a rod for you stinkers oh thanks alfully old bean stinkers says to plummy now did one bring the bate for you r flys plummy said to stinkers well one could only catch one fly and ive got a small tiddiler of a worm old bean so plummby chummy said size is not everything you know its how one uses it to catch the fish after all theres plenty of fish in the sea as they put the bate on the hooksall of a sudden there hear noices coming from the bushes as plummby chummy turns to stinkers and says well really its simpley not cricket old bean and in the shires as thay look at the 2 pink things in the bottom of the bushes with disscust on there faces as stinkers says its just so simpley common old fruit as plummy says how about a snifter old bean open the chapers oh watto what a simpley spiffing idear old bean as he opens the top foil and trys to get the cork out all of a sudden the cork pops out of the bottle and with such forse land in the bush as plummy says oh stinkers bang on I didn’t know you could shoot how about going clay pidgeion shooting old been ? you got a six the bulls eye jolly good show weel done old bean as one heres a scream from the bloke with lots of sware words as the other voice says to the block of steve you at last made the earth move with a bang with that last thrust you game me the best yet now why cant you be like that all the time when wemake love she said so steve said its not every day some idiot puts a bleeing cork up your bleedin ass as he pulls up his track suit bottoms as stomps over to plummy chummy wats your bleeding game yoy do know this is a dogging area mate so plummy said as steve rubs his bum we haven’t seen no dog walkers after a lot of swearing at the guyssteve turns to go as he says to dot get your draws up were off now plummy says to stinkers well how common as the stevesays and if you want the cork back you can take a run of a short pier mateys as stinker says to plummy did you see his lip not like ours stiff I knoiw that’s why hes a blue collor worker they lips aren’t like ours old bean as they sip therechampersand eat there posh cheese from brought men and basions store

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