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holborn wc1 part 2 the return from 2002

April 9, 2014

DSCF2968DSCF2967DSCF2966DSCF2965DSCF2966DSCF2964DSCF2963DSCF2961holborn wc1 part 2 the return from 2002

as you can see holborn in the city hosts lots of different shops and cafes where one can sit outside on a warm day and let the world go by as well as watching the men goe by as well as its interesting old buldings and parks it also hosts the well known reatailers so wanna a card for that special occastion and the purple balloons out side the shop and also theres a shopping center in the town as well with the underground near by and its not far from the other local towns well its time for me to wave good bye to holborn next time the return to more gate and wats coming up soon the st georges decorations from 1986 as I give my history lession the gentall aurthor takes some pics of the easter decorations and the final ones the Cornish when I say a final good bye to the ending of the blog on june the 13th and talk about my time on the net doing it like everythink its nearly had its time and the storys almost told so until the next time when I return to moregatefrom 1999 and thanks to one of my reders pointing out from the euston story that one of the big buldings is the royal collage in euston thanks for that and finally the return to bank how roman it is there from 1989

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