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a time for endings as i did my last interview about my time visting p/t/o/r/s old white chair shop a couple of weeks ago now

April 11, 2014

DSCF0217a time for endings as i did my last interview about my time visting p/t/o/r/s old white chair shop a couple of weeks ago now

its strange after now 5 years which has pasted I still get asked about paul and will he ever put things right between us and why no storys about the so called men I once knew I was asked about the other day well theres nothing more I can say about any of them , the storys been told and thay have all gone from my life and never to return I wish I could say like a once upon a time story that its a happy ending but its not and never will be now out of touch out of time and ive moved on now they all went off with the local tramps so what can I say so was there any one else no I never expected a long que outside the door I must admit but its a bit of a sick joke when no ones out there at least I can put hand on heart and say I cant not be blamed for breaking any blokes heart as I look back like with Jamie the skin whom said one say its white suppremicy as I pointed out funny that when the kids turn out not white as he looked or carl who said he was into the far right politics who I called a hiprcrite who had a black girl friend and after he kept on begging for money he was given his marching orders nin on 21 years ago now withhis swaz sticker tattooes on his arm s and as I said at the time good bye to him but the blokes that really peeded me off at the time was bloody second hand dealers with oh we had one of them tricitys yesterday knowing I wanted one oh we got rid of it call back or call ive grown wize to there little games and think yes ill belive you thousands woulnt or the fridge steller who after I payed for the fridge went and put it on line and was allowed to some one else and never gave the money back I hope that his dead aunt who the fridge belong too haughts that coffin dodger for ever until he crockes well as the moovies its now just a case of dotting the is and crossing the teas as that cycle comes to an end mind you thay took advantage like with miss Belinda 10hours of filming and no I don’t get payed for it so there you go with any thing in life beware

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