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the closing chapters number 38 beidh selintach gear cabidii duwgenes grasyars duw reyars the reaturn to braintree free port and the carboard boxes at secpit towers

May 6, 2014


well I returned once again to Braintree free port to see how thinks are getting on and catch up with my mother whom still lives in that area .its been 20years since it went into the papers about the trouble with the situation there at the time and how I was forced out the town .it will be interesting if the Braintree ad witham times will rea print the story ,as they usally have what happened 20 years ago section in the paper .I suppose the watch word don’t help any one ill allways reamember when I foolishly helped out thous pair of scumbags mark and edd the one of the kids came up to me and said that edds trying to take my daddy away that edd was a closet gay .and you know how the story happened with thous two with there acts of terrer and I must admit its the same story as it was then not an ally to help as the men I knew at the time had all moved away and I was left behind but even thou id had dissagreaments with a lot of the gay men in the town in the past as they just got my back up as I found that they were so smarmey attuted coused war between my self and them and as that edds friend who begged me to help him was a card carring gay who hated me as I found in the dieing days of my time there .so what of here well I had to get some card board boxes to reput the decorations of missterys in a new box after all these years after opening the box it fell to pieces that will teach me .its like looking at a time captchall looking in the boxes of 1980s well 1986 Britain and the people I knew that time lets hope as ive nearly gone through all 9 that thay are looking down from heaven and saying well I reamember thous ones I suppose for me its in a way traveling back to thous times and it makes me realize how much I miss the men I once knew but there you go ,so the neibours was out side as I brought the boxes in as I heard the two faced lot saying looks like there off lets hope so we hate them when I do go ill say to the council I want to choose the next tennent for here I want the most nastyist hatefull person on earth to live here to terririse them like thay have me just for payback now that would be justice in some form

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