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the closing chapters no 36 beidh selontach gear cabidii duw genes gras due reyars all change at secpit towers

May 9, 2014


as one think slowly comes to an end as I start to get rid of the stuff that I knowlonger wear or want as I had a meeting with the council yesterday to say I know longer want to stay here more than I have to as soon I vist other areas to see what the places are like and more importantly what the locals are like as I stuck a pin in a map to see where the wind will take me .as I sit here as lifes passing me by as all hope is fadeing about finding any one here now and as I was imformed yesterday that attacks against whites and gays have in creased in the borough so proberly as nothing ever gets done to address the situation it was one of the reasons why ive desided to say time to move on if you weigh up the pros and conns about city life the cons out weigh the pro I think to live in the city its okay if your rich and live in an area which is not too biggerted so as other parts of my life in general are coming to an close like the filming with dan and Charlie I was hoping that there might of been something between us but he lives a different world to I do but when the filming ends in the next 2 weeks we will go our separate ways sadly but as I rule of thumb men have never stayed in my life very long anyway here to day gone tommrow but theres a big world out there full of them men and may be just maybe that with one there may be somethink more lasting on the friend ship frount you never can tell

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