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the closing chaptersnumber 35 beidh se lontach gear cabidii duw genes gras yars due reyars the reaturn of the brummylock 7inch monster and his sexy mate

May 10, 2014


the wonder of realle man sadly to say so lacking in our little village of bangla green how ever it was time for me to see the boys again on a very wet 4am day as they delivered my latest accuitions to join the secpit towers of vintage appliances as they brought in the goods with there manly mussles ripperling in the street lights with haderly any thing on they stood there as I looked at the hunky Birmingham s beared face so manly I was again captiavated by such wonder of manley ness you cant help but love him so strong and so dominate as I look at his manley big hands and his pwerfull kissable lips like a drug you want to feel the effects of his brand as he picks up the cooker like a piece of paper as he stands there with his manly stare with thous big blue eyes as he speaks the wall s shake like the parth he walks on as he walks down the street like he canmmands attention to the world like a pair of gods as I wonder again about the brummy monster that lurks there with his dark short hair as I think take me im yours baby

every lot helps

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