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just a quick note before i start the 1916 story just to reamind you about voteing in the councill elections today in london its for the mare dont show them a stallion ah ah

May 22, 2014

as I said I wasn’t going to vote many because I feel that in inner London we have a lord mayor and the London mayor and in London if you think about it in the 32CNV00015 boroughs that 32 mayors and as I thought about it do we really need one so close to the London city mayor who runs the London assemberly and the one we have at the moment with his pics every where thinks him self as a film star and what does it do for me and the other ordinary people but then after seeing the gentall aurthor earlier to do the Cornish pics and after he made the case why I should vote how could one not refuse such a request so one rallied around and went and voted mind you none of the canadates have bothered knocking on doors in the area to state there case why should one vote for there particular party now come on you guys you want results do like the rest of us do and work for them also in London its the euro elections I was a bit disconcerted with all I saw on the voteing ballot papers was just a few names I knowq we have had tv adverts but I think some how thay should of fielded a canaidate to be at the polling station to answer any concerns any one would like to be addressed on a particular issue and what concerns me in tower hamlets is why since 2002 have thay not in commucation with the rest of the united kindom as I was informed reasontley that I would have to go to England if I want to move there ,any way wat ever your pollicticall persauation go and vote to day

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