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time for number 16 of the closing chapters and its time to look at some capparisions as i look at the two oridghinall pigs i once looked after the 4 legged ones and the more modern 2 legged ones dynnargh welclome falite croeso

May 30, 2014


a long ago in the long distance past back in the mid 1960s from when I was only 4 years old it was my job to look after keith and paul as you know and the misstive thay got into ,then it was time to meet the pauls of great numbers and in the near past the paul .p.t.o.r. that would say it all .but are there many differences as I look back well lets face it in pauls case he was as subbon as hes 4 legged counter part  paul the pig and subbon or what .and it was the grunting thing that thay both did like paul the 4 legged one would grunt while being told off or if keith got to the trough first of all and paul the 2 legged one would grunt if he thought I was looking at his mate for too long mitch .even today I know hes about like a old tom cat senting his territory with the pungent cream cake smell .and you some time here him give a grunt or two out side the door .and suppriseingly both exteramley hairy the different in being the paul ptor was long and smooth but paul the pig was brizzely to the touch .and thay both had that look in there eyes  of trouble misstiveious ways and the difference between them was paul spoke as well and would smile a lot at me wheres paul the pig with 2 legs would only look and to get either one of them to do as I wanted was like mission impossible and both could be quite nice and careing if thay wanted to be but only if there was a blue moon and you know how rare they are don’t you ? and paul would pant like a little dog and if I touched him his heart rate would jump into over drive that the ptor 2 legged one wheres the 4 legged one would stand on my welly boy that used to hurt I can tell thee my dear and the 4 legged one would not go out if it was windy but the 2 legged one went out in all wheathers and there you have it next time its number 15 and the troubles over the time at secpit towers help im a poor person get me out of here

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