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and nows its number 15 of the finall ending chapters and a last vist on the blog to slapand tickel and feachering jt

May 31, 2014


as ones knows ive had the fish quite some time as thay have been swimming in there pond out side the door and bouy thay have seen it all that’s been chucked out through the winders here from when thay was under half an inch long thay have grown strong with there brightly orange scales exspect jt hes gone a bit white now but still bossing slap and tickle about just the same as he struts his stuff as up and down the pond he goes but much has changed from when rose used to stick her nose in the pond then jt would come along and fick his tail as rose s nose would get all wetter still as she used to run up and down the pond and nearly jumped inn to get at him so I had to put the strawberry netting on as well as stopping things being chucked in as for the garden its self the little wrens finana foil and fina gale have gone and so a lot of the others ones only now every 15 seconds its now the bangla green filght parth with the tin grey planes flying over have scared the others away with there noisy jet engines from 4am in the morning as the air gets thick with there smelly fumes some fly only about 30 foot as thay go by over the flats oppisit so low in the sky with there name badges displayed on there metal tails for all to see as thay come into land as the sky is full of them as they try to get on the ground to land and on a clear day not so far away you can see there white plain trailes in not often now clear blue sky

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