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and nows its time for number 15 of the closing storys word of warning if you have a week stomack or just eating anything look away now you have been warned as its time to take a finall look at the secpit towers years my life at secpit from 2002 to 2014 dynnargh welclome falite croeso

May 31, 2014


oh the trails and triulations of my life here I must admit its put me off living in London for life and the quicker I move the better as im up to here with the place and its inherent probles theres not one day that goes by when help npt again youll here me cry and its seems like a continuious circle of things never being done to sort it out ,,from day one when christoper got his car windows smashed I knew there would be trouble especially went he presented me with the bill of over 70 pounds to reaplace them ,then of course weve had it all here in the past 12 years like fire I shall never forget that night when some one threw a cig out the winder they don’t know how to use ashtrays here and there shed cought on fire with tins of paint in there exploseding and like fire work display goeing up in the air about 40 foot high and the black in tence smoke as two fire crues took over 3 hours to try to put the flames out as they reached for the sky like a bonfire in the summer hot night of 8 years ago now ,and then of course when there was a gas leek and the back piece of garden had to be dug up which took 4 monthes and there was a 30foot hole there and no gas for that time and the continuious proplems with the secpit being bloked and the stuff coming up in the bath as all the pipes to all the flats are connected to gether and in this particular dwelling up stares has the stop cock and 4 years ago thay had some work done and I had no water for 3 monthes and because the council had sold the flat they count gain asses and I had to wait for them to come back off there holidays to turn the water back on .then of course there was the times when the electric blew up and the wire that feeds the dwelling had to be dug up so the [path out side had a 10 foot hole in it ,and no electric for two weeks as here they love looking at a problem yet doing it takes ann eteraty then of course like yesterday the pumps that feed the well broke down give them a valium and a hanky well still no water over 24 hours l;ater and the same old story were looking into it get on with it is what they should be doing .and that stupid emmersion heater still is not done ah ah,as well as the continuiosss problems with no radio reception as all you get is ashion radio and tv that says wait for it no signall or as your watching you get other channels coming in as soon as a plain goes over when I had the colour set the pic would goe all to gether I must admit living in London is not a happy time then finally its the person that poos out side on my door step filthy bastard mind you here you see them doing it in the parks that why thay stink and thay say clean up after your dog clean up after ones self would be a better message and bring that think l;ike other places has hullo public toilet that would be a first now woulnt it

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