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and nows its time for number 14 of the finall closing chapters dynnargh welclome falite croeso as back in the year 69bcapprox cleopater the queen bathed in asses milk i tyryed it with cows of the nile

June 1, 2014


well its been difficult to say the least these 5 days since the well pump that serves the blocks at secpit towers broke down but at the moment after a few choice words that I gave them with a few ultermatams its finally back on the pumbs have been given a valium and a hanky to reatore hullo water is that you ? and with no water I was resorted in trying a little bath in cows milk try washing in that boy it was cold so I thought I wont heat it up as it might curdle how ever its not to be reacormended at first it was okay but after drying ones self I had to wash it all off after it smelt gone off so it was boiling the bottled mountain stream water and trying the traditionall way oh what a girl has to do next time its time to bring back the walsh saint davids day decs last tried here back in 2003 but ive found the pics to upload and the decorations of mysterys ones too coming soon also next time in chapter 13 its a final good bye to all thous worthless men I once knew and its the last of the filming with the boys just 3 left then its will be time to set sail just stuck the pin in the map with bags nearly packed and the last of the pics are now finally ready for the gentall author to pick up and nows its only 12 days to go before the big switch off also today as I was going down the market at the local pub in bethnall green road was thses gorgeous scooter boys with there lace up boots but no cordaroys wow they was from watham stoe with the scooters with shinny mirrors I just wanted a good old ride with them all into the sunset yes please oh men some looked and most was a playing with there machines masking sure thay was running and clean I hope thay keept there moters running sweet

so for the bath I used 6 flaggons of the cows milk I should of made a cup of tea with it while in the bath any one for a sugar

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  1. June 1, 2014 10:13 pm

    brought a smile to my face!

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