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at number 12 its well well i never did and thats towerhamlets homes councills problems as the waster to be seen is the teeming rain thats falling at secpit towers dyunnargh welclome falite croeso

June 3, 2014

well its the same old problems here with water water where are you ?as the only water to be found is the teeming rain that’s falling from the skys over secpit towers run by total showers and for hours and days and hours no drinking water again as I had to stay up all night with nothing to drink at rat mouse in fested place only to find thay never turned up after all the wells only been out of action now for six days as I wonder with great annoyance is it the 13th centery or 21st mind you living here and paying rent for the place makes me wonder and that’s all ive had here promises that are never kept and contant let downs ansd never that word sorry id hang the flags out if that happened id tell you next time in chapter number 11 its the breaf last ever return of paul and keith the 4 legged pigs in there good bye story so until then its off with the dousing rods to find water water where are you?so until then then

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