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and nows its time for the closing chapter number 7 as i look back at my time with dan and charlie and like so many people i once knew after a short while they breeze into ones life and then there be gone dynnargh croeso falite welclome

June 7, 2014



as you know ive had variouspeople come and go here at secpit towers over the years ,the last of the filming men was Charlie and dan his friend I must admit when dan first contacted me back at the tail end of last year I really didn’t want to do any more type of filming manly as I wasn’t earning me no money and I never get to see the end product and I thought if I fancy one of them its going to lead to yet more disappoint ment and heart ake because you get used to having them around and when there gone its hard as you look at the clock on the wall after doing your payed work then realize there not coming again and I must admit after doing hours and hours of work with them on and off over six monthes now thay have finally gone and now im sad I don’t think a Tuesday afternoon will ever be the same again now and not only that it was nice to have the company and that Charlie he was so hunky but for me its not going to be I have all ways tried to help any one at least they have gone in the knowleage that oh well she did her best and that thay will always have a constant reaminder of there time at secpit towers we did many types of filming from the city gents on London bridge to Liverpool street to going down the market and pauls p.t.o.r.s. shop which I found the mot upsetting and difficult as you know I had to stop going there because of the contant reaminder of my time with him at the white chair shop and the hours that I had to go there in a week at the time when pauls brother Darren had left after there bust up it was every day for 4 hours a time I suppose at least with paul he used to say if I wore my pink out fit how loverly I looked as I used to stroke his head he used to look at me with thous big blue eyes and had that sort of wanted look so when it fineshed with him cos of that poisonus half breed which didn’t help and the day she rubbed his sauseagey thing out on the door of the shop slag with her walt face with the make up hanging off the walts she was a laughing stoke with the market stall holders at the time so when Charlie and dan asked me to go down there after nearly 5 years it brought the sad memerys back as that old saying goes you never forget you just live with the sadness of the situation of what should of been .then of course I did the 2 interviews with them and the 7 of the 1986 decorations the first beeing the saint valentines day February 14th then the easter back in aprill then as they missed the saint patricks day march the 17th and saint davids day the first of march and saint geoges day april 23rd and the trubrute to Ireland 1916 the ones we was going to do but not now was Cornish day saint piran which as you know is on march the 5th and they wanted to do Halloween in july I got to know them quite well and I was getting feelings for Charlie even thou he had my number he just never wanted to call it sadly so now that its all come to ann end good bye you guys I shall miss you so heres the one of the storys I read to them one day on sound cameria like a little bear he sits there with camera in hand hes the main sexy man so manley he looks with short currley hair with close cropped beard hes got flair as he listens onver there as I can see different expressions on his face as his poses with such grace as its hard to talk with out the tears onmy face as I tell the story of my time in the past lifes with p.t.o.r. ect he has a smile that lit up a room the little cuddly bear as I continue to tell them about the partys of 1986 as they are both transfixed if I thought if only he knew that I want him so to be a friend you never know that feelings might grow as I long for him to fing his arms around me to say there there with his blue greyireish  come to bed eyes thous eyes  and that sexy voice that sudgusses one like they say come to bed .as I thought your the king you can rule from my bedstead then there was dan so tall and hes the main man with his charms with his big strong manley look and arms as he stands tall he says it all and with his smoldering looks any girl would want to take to his bed .so theres two more people gone now no more there bikes will be by the old fence on a Tuesday afternoon as the old clock hands come to 2pm sadly they wont be back again as I tear comes to my eye as I try not to cry may be one day I might see them some where else in another time again so slain

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