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and nows its time for the closing creadits slan goodbye as i say at last i give up my lifes fineshed here now its time to pack up and go but first lets say good bye to the contribulaters of the blog cc2014

June 9, 2014


so that’s it now as its time to hang up my time here so lets thank mark petty who helped make it happen also starring all the pauls including total piggish ness by p/t/o/r also starring ted valium joh allun Edward bazz of the Braintree years from 1974 and not forgetting mark .the ghosts the Braintree bank stret ones the headless horseman of old long aker in cressing nr Braintree keith of wood green for money grapping ways slso starring paul and keith the two pigs and daisy marrogold and butter cup the old cows ,farmer paul ,and every one else basid on a oridginall idear           by mark james petty                  wriiten by visscountess boudica scarlett red d                                                         feaching paul and his freshly made cream ,                                                                                                            also staring dan and Charlie who came to film here ,also starring my pussy who was allways stroked in the Braintree years .also starring gregery that turkie how can I ever forget that day in the tootenham n17 years gobble gobble the boys in the battue fashions which help make the out fits from 2006.also starring the men from Watford ie peter from 1984 ,hair by olia and stlist by esc make up by n7 shoes by prissl;ess and barrots also starring secpit towers .                                                                       also feaching the men of romford in Essex total hate by the sling back wears of eastern bethnall green            I would like to thank miss libby robson sara for reading and the brummy boys so sexy that that are collation by ones self                              also thanks to the steffs gang at the bishops gate library all that remains to say is slan and thous hunky Dublin men a thank you for being so wow sexy  good bye then as it was once said in the Braintree years youll soon be forgotton like yesterdays chip wrapper throun away

and this was the porsh paul ptor used to drive about when he ran the white char shop in 2010 that’s it im off now at last I can finaaly go bye then slan

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