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well this is just a last story to cross the eyes and dot the tees as thay say and to say slan good bye

July 1, 2014


well its been quite a while since the blog fineshed now and as this is the last post I thought id just come back to just say thanks once again for taking the time to read my storys and even thou id did a good bye story for spittle fields life to let all the readers there know id gone but sadly for some unknown reason it wasnst published as I got often asked why I didn’t let any one know and this is to say I did there was a number of reasons why the blog ended as it did but in my final interview for spittle fields life as I informed the gentall author that the story had been told unfortually the blog didn’t bring any form of justice and as regards to any of the blokes I once knew sadly nothing ever changed for the better and ive found ones self on my own a lot of people I once knew have left my life and even though I knew deep down that nothing could or would ever happen with theses guys you just cant help but miss them like the brummy lock ness monsters last day here on Wednesday as he has found new employment from next week as for Charlie hes moved on sadly so I try to make sure that I go out on a Tuesday now as other wize I wait by the door at 230pm in hopes that the bikes will be out side the door and have some one to talk too in stead of the rest of my self employment where I continuiousley row with my custermers about not paying what they owe ect its strange when they can turn really nasty as for secpit towers soon I must leave if I stay my life will never amount to any thing and after all your never to old to start again at any time as at last I turn my back on secpit towers im moving on I hope the blog has brought you all some story that you liked the best or found some comfort if your in that situation as for paul p.t.o.r. he still parades that old slapper out side the window with out a care in the world well my times up thanks then for reading and that’s it slan.

your probely wondering about the yoke well for nearly a week the old pump in the pump house broke down and we at the secpit towers had none so it was off to find some water as our village shop ran out ifs its not been one think its been another here and there have been times when I thought why bother coming back at all but I suppose the biggest disappointment has been the men of the place if only id of known all that time ago just hgow the situation had became so dire and I would never see them in the same light ever again and as you can see the heron a like ness that used to come to vist the garden and the fox that stays out side the door unfoirtually I had to get a toy one but the old fox can sit on the fence out side just like Harvey the realle one does as for the birds well the big metal ones have taken there place now every 3 seconds one flys over on the flight parth and when I went to a meeting for a move it was mostly us whit girls that wanted to say weve had enough of the situation and the place and who can blame us in a town with all the men taken whats a girl to do I wish you all the best in your lives and every happiness and I will leave you with the old puimp like the one that supplies our water is it the 21st centery or is it the 1400s I wonder ?CNV00019

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  1. July 1, 2014 10:22 pm

    Don’t go please! xxx

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