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dynnargh,falite croeso welclome as its time for number one of the 3 reaturn storys of the blog and its time to look at the appliances that have never been filmed so come with me to have as they used to say in braintree have a gander

August 30, 2014

well as you know the blog finally came to an end on june the 13th this year so lets return to show you the appliances in part one of my time at the secpit towers retirement home oh dear one is so starved of colour in this monochrome with a touch of brown place but first I must just tell ye about the time I returned to our county town islington county you know the one its where p.t.o.r.has his strong hold at shepherdess walk and even now theres still the arromer of them freshly made cream cakes coming from the depths of his neather reagens any way as one got on the bus and sat down as the bus trundled down the road I could here this like banging and a sound of like a seal doing its clapping of its flippers or as I thought has the bus got a flat tyre as I looked at the side of me I saw this turkey neck with skin about 4inches flapping about as soon as the bus started up along the road the skin would bang together you know in unison talk about a union of skin as I thought oh if only I had some 3 in one oil in a little can I could of givenen to them to put a bit of oil on the skin talk about slap happy any way I digressed so lets see the appilances that was never shown so sitting comfee then lets begine first of all its the tricity contessa modle 643 story next time then its the creada comet from 1950 CNV00007DSCF0213DSCF3431CNV00033CNV00019CNV00009CNV00016CNV00021CNV00019CNV00018CNV00017CNV00020CNV00022CNV00023CNV00026CNV00025????????????CNV00027CNV00028CNV00029the oldest is the moffet the big one came out about 100years ago just think its been through 2 world wars and it took the boys them hunky brummy ones to bring it in and he snapped one of the legs off men they are so clumbsea any way I had to find some new bolts and put them on you cant get the staff theses days now can you and then I had to wait 3 weeks to get it lifted up and heres it is also the little stove is called the tricity poplar just right for east London came out in 1958 approx. also the tricity marquis 644 and the tricity built in oven from 1960 and the Electrolux fridge from 1957

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