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and now its time for thy last story in the seris part 3 dynnargh,falite croeso welclome the finall end part one of two

August 31, 2014

as you know in bethnall green in the land of grey its time to walk with the men reamember ?as thay say ive been there here and every where up hill and dale in rain snow and wind and sun as I revisted the places I once was mty stomping ground ,but of all the places I went in cluding near by in the village of balgor green which proved to be the most difficult men I use the ternm loosely to wal;k with mainly cos its armand arm with the olde black pussy all they need is a green one anybody know any marchions if you do they here want you make a nice addition to the collection woulnt it but on my time doing the blog and annilising the eastern London men with there scloe on there faces it was only that paul you know the one that ever smiled in ssentley at me so I did british upper lip watch its seems strange how them lip changes through out the year as thay look down there long roman type noses  at me with much disstane oh watto old bean I say simpley not cricket old fruit jolly hocky sticks like thay have lost there english ness mind you looking back I reamember once sitting on the train from filming in crystal palace when at forsest hill came white chapple man I could of gone to the foot of our stares as I looked at this hunk of white britisness in his biulders out fit as he evilly got of at white chapple now with one p councill cut backs then on the tube leyton hunky man with his nut eating and blue swead shoes with his sexy beard wow w then the roford skinhead man with his shaven head tight jeans well I tell you as I thought its a p.s.t.a pink sauceagy think or fink as in his neather reagions it bouced about as he walked down the street with his bovver boots on his feet  then there was Colchester man who in army green well I didn’t know they carred the cannons and equipment around with them lets hope its kept from dust and rust and finally Watford man strong big and hairy like ig cuddly bears and not forgetting that cheeky pidgion walter from ware in heartford shire where huracanes hardly ever happen

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