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dynnargh welclome falite croeso its been over 5 and half years since I started in the bishopsgate library in London

August 31, 2014

time flys but sadly not for thee better when I started doing the blog I thought ill do 12 storys then call it a day as I thought at the time to relive events of my tramatic past was hard to relive and would any body be interested in my life , from my early childhood memorys to the ghosts I met and not forgetting thee men .oh pauls theres nothing like them and in my time I met quite a few and even thou at the time I could of slapped there faces with the comments thay made and got up too in so many ways it was a bit of light releve to my terrible situation but sadly over the years the name of paul s have sadly gone from my life and as for here the situation has gone from bad to dire .as for the ghosts wow thee headless horseman of olde cressing village that I and ted met back in the 1980s and 1990s it was only by a twist of fate that I was still in thee Braintree area if fate hadn’t did a terrible thing to ones self and family back in 1976 when my step farther was tragically killed in a car crash .and also in that year mark g left my life in my terrible school days and school life was never the same again and my ally was gone so it was a case of having to fend for ones self against thee bullys which was hard Braintree which was a typical concertive town with toryy values which for ones self would be like a kinder box of trouble in the time I was there I put my point of the total unfairness from not getting the employment issues to my pussy which when I was forsed out of the town in 1994 was to prove the end in a way it reminds me of living here all these years of past and in reality peoples perceptions of traingenger woman hasn’t changed the main problem is on tv theres not a lot of coverage in the pc world as for the ghosts wow meeting guy guido fawkes was one of the most sensational moments of my life and the friends I made in londons east end some of them are really famous I was sad to leave but like in Braintree back in 1994 I was forsed out but like there I still go go out the frount door in my short skirts which has made life here a total living hell and even thou I speak to a lot of great people on my travels its not the same I close the door and no body comes to vist mark with all his promises all that time ago badly let me  down and Richard who did nothing but make me want to run away as well aas the washing machine who is allways on from up a bove  I often ask the question what the hell I have done to disserve this the place is worse than the other one damp and boy is impossible to heat .on the blog I introduced other lanugages from the rest of the country like Cornish irish and welsh I hope that it has brought a sence of knowing that even thou its called united kingdom there are the countrys of wales cornwall and Ireland are our neighbours to be respected may be one day you might see me on the tv I enjoyed the talks I did and the wonderfull people I met so thanks to the gentall aurthor and word press for letting me put my storys on well ill see you all soon as ive run out of space on here thanks once again for reading

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