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dynnargh welclome falite croeso its now part 2 of the return to banglor or is it bethnall green prevously on bethnall green

August 31, 2014

oh the trials and trubulations of living here as in the 2 look back at the village with in a city but first lets see whats been happening here the lack of men and why its nearly time to say good bye in more one way and another so lets see whats been happeing on the lack of man frount as you know 65million years ago the dinosaurs roamed the earth hey rexy baby your so whats that gay word oh yes camp you can ammagine with thous short arms and swing that butt as it walkd down the high street but east London has had many different people living here over the centrys from the time of Julie and Claudia them romans do you know it was the London lot that apparenty asked the romans to come here in ad60 but even to day you can still see the roman inverlence in the british white married male ,but here is the most multi raychall bourgh in England with the number one laugwich being banglor dessy as one walks down the so called high street its like walking in a 3rd world country that you see on the news and you can go for days not hearing a word of English the shops all but two well known stores and the rest now including the market consists of bloody saray shops its the most imballenced high street in England how ever the local council office would strongly disagree that apparently its not part of England any more and not been since 2002 ,as I was told in a meeting I had to go to about moving somewhere else it was pointed out because of all this raceisium I have encounterd here that I would have to go to the place of England and explain my self and put my case to the local authoritys there and then they would on this one occation speak to the English councils concerned as I sat there thinking I don’t belive it she said where did I think of going so I said that idealy I wanted to live in Ireland Dublin first choice or even northan Ireland as I was told there not in England and they don’t even speak the laugwich so I said rightly or wrongly northan Ireland is part of England or Britain so then it came to the part of the raceiall incerdents here she said the council are aware of them and that they will continue that’s not good enough as she said times are hard and the locals will allways pick on the different people and white s the law don’t reconise it against them the stroys I here that one gay man who is broken into is not protected by the law and for my self the woman said oh theres a police officer that you can talk to but the man never came to see me the question if I could ask the prime minester of England is why has a council been allowed to dissasiate its self from the rest of the country ?so what of the men that once like the dinosaur the streets here well the last sighting was back in 2009 in the p/to/r.s the other still go after the black pussy in this black white brown place ,so it your looking for a white bloke forget it there aint none single ones mind you the other day I saw a skin head boy with his lace up boots no cordaroys as I walke straight infrount of him he tried to look away but I looked in to that skin boys blue pale eyes then he was gone with his girlfriend I must admit I find the place a total disappointment and I ruled the day I ever came to the place its so back ward in its thinking and has not changed since quenton crisps or the grays time in the 1960s with this narrow minded attutued here even the gentall author apparently has been spat at I thought when I heard of the nacked sivel servent I thought I aint reading that if its about a bloke that got no clodber on as for the flags now apparently its raseist to show the union jack but the black ones gets paraded on cars in white chapple on the car areials get me out of here im a white person as I was told in the office you must go to england and also the big planes the continuously fly over head I counted 15 in one minute and they look like they are only 50 fot from the top of the bulidings which at this rate its worker than any filght parth and im fed up with not being able to breath at night with in creased athmar but yet people here just donr want to know about it talk about burry your head in the sand mind you I was reading in the Braintree and withham times about how this couple have 12 an hour going over head and wont sit out in the garden all I can say try 15 a minute bloody place ive come to hate it

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