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slan goodbye well my times up now but first just one more story before i go and its about a queen called gabrina help oh the camp gay man from 1981 so lets return to the braintree years are you ready be warned the true story is how it was told so dont be offended by the essex braintree talk theres lots of swareing in the story but i felt it didnt work with out the sware words youll see what i mean i hope so for the finall time then are you ready come with me to braintree 1981

September 1, 2014

oh dear well what can I say in my time ive enconuterd lots of gay men but none like gabrina who called every man by a womans name and as for us girls it was you fish I must admit there was times I could of slapped him as I went into our local supper market as this man who dressed in earing black lippy and screamed across the super market at the other gay men hi you fuck..g bitch watcha sister .as the gays men went red and did there shopping as quick as they could its seems strange to day that this type of gay man has diyed  out and of course every man he saw was ive ive had him oh im in love what a bona hes got or look at his lunch box or he votes tory as I dared to ask how do you know well girl hes bauge in on the right .ifs hes in laubour its to the left but it was that minceing walk he used to do there was many storys he told of his exsplote s with the men and one I reamember to this day but he could be so rude as well as crude in his mannors but any way he was telling me about how him self and gale went out for a drink by the swiss bell pub and was in the car park having there gin and ts anyway theses 2 guys came out and apparently said if put our car keys in frount of you then you can come with us to sandon for some fun well gabriana said well we up for that as he said one was suited with a big car and the other one was fat with a crap small car so they said close your eyes and put your hand in the bowl so as he said being a size queen I picked the big bunch of keys and gale had the one key we opend our eyes and the guys took there keys back gale can go in the crppy small car with the fat old fart its the big a..i quitro for me to be with the suited guy how ever things didn’t turn out the way he thought oh yes he went with the suited guy who he said ill call him suzy quarto as I looked in the car through the window it had leather seats any way the guys said come on wat you waiting for cource he said count wait how ever it was gale that went with the fat guy in the a,,i qutro and gabriana in what he called the crappy car as he said at the time that trappy bitch ill scratch her bleeding eyes out cow now ive got to get into this old banger lifes a fffing bitch at least hes wearing a suit and if he piss.e me off ive got me bottle of gin in my pocet with me lucky union jack draws and I allays wear my st michaels one like our leader mrs t as he said when I wear them I allways feel closer to god and of course I can allways slip into me union jack I f I want to back britasin as you say any way they arrived at sandon and as gabrina pointed out it was dark and in the big car the winders was well steamed up fu..king old tart any way she said as he undid his flys he said there was blood every where as he apparently cought his lip on the blokes metal zip as the teeth was sharp ,then he gave up on that and the bloke and hes thing smelt smeggy don’t ask I still don’t know what smeggy is moved between the two seats some how and left the engine running to listen to the trainsister radio any way he stripped and sat on what he thought was the you know p/s/t boy hes big and hard and he said it vibrated as he was faceing the bloke any way the bloke said come on then what you mean he said well but im on you so he put the curtasy light on by the driving mirror only to see him on the gear stick so as he said I got off and so we went into the back and it was full of rubbish cans packets and I cought my high heel in his roof lining and im peed off cos I lost my best earring that the last time I go in a small car cos after we got back that that old slapper gale had a good timer bitch the end bye slan but the strange thing that last year in the town I saw gabrina who then wasuntra thin and now fat with bauld head and with 6 kids and a wife in the bank street in the town theres no suck folk as queer folk you could of blown me down with a feather I was stunned and shou ked at the site I saw that day well that’s it bye for the last time then

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