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i hope you had avery happynew year 2015.falitedynnarghwelclometo the first of 13 storysso lets return to the braintree years and one again lets meet skin boy pauland his little mut willy soits back to england in the 1980s

January 5, 2015

ASye knows that in my time ive met many pauls and the last time imet this one was when at one one the partys I had that he got very annoyed that keith was rubbing his little willy up the wrong way I duo why he got upset of such a little thing men.any way as you know men have this thing called there best friend.the p.s.f.t. or they callit the pink sauagey finkthing.but this skin boy had this small hairy willy dog so lets goback to that night in may 1989 I was just getting ready for bed and I was looking faward to a night laying on my brush nylon pinkflannelett sheets my big boy pussy was on the sheepskin pinkmat on my pinkshaggy pile carpet you know the one with the white cat on it I thought if your going to have a carpet in thebedroom knothen there was a knock on my door knocker .whos that I wonder when I opened the door it was skin boy paul with his little will his big boverboots but no cordaroys .are you a sleep he said ? just going to bed but come in now your here he went into the living room as I switched on thee light .got a beer he said im just going to the carseyand park my jacksey,so I said oh so you got a car then to park .as I thought whos this bloke called carsey? so I said to him whos carsey?is it a palce you have been to like a small market town near London ?na he said that wat I call the bog ,any way he sat there drinking the beer I gave himas I sat beside him his little willy got on my leg as I said to paul I wish your willy woulnt do that dirty boy .he got his willy of f and there was all dribble on my leg .any way the dog ran into the bedroom and I rused in to see my pussy stiff as a board he just blew up and pauls little willy was on my best pink nylon sheets ,as paul came to see what was going on ?oh lookmy pussys gone into the closset get your hold on your willy paul and get him out of here .I said as I looked at my sheets there was pauls willy hairs in bedded on them as I tried to pluck them out the sparks was flying every where and I said to paul your willys smeggy stinky why haven’t you washed himit needs a bath .any way my pussy was at the top of the curtains by this time ,paul said ill get your pussy down as he tried to stroke him the lips of my pussy was dribbling now look what you have done paul to my pussy tyipall man .we thought we leave my pussy and by this time I just could do with a small brandy and coke as paul then said would you like to meet my old man ?what do thee mean I said ?ill let you play with him hed like that so I said you kinky beast and slapped his face well really any way I said its time you was going pauland take your little wiilly with you and next time wash your willy and put a color on him than a few monthes a ago I met a brummy skin boy as for the localones I found out his names randy but I didn’t think he was that randy looked a misstrable git with lace up bovver boots and no cordaroys oh them skin boys DSCF1976

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