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and nows it time to return to 1970s England and the time when grenvill brought the kitty cat fish introduced the gang of 4 kitty kat fish in there big tank from oxford city

January 15, 2015

it was the day on the farm when the big glass tank came from a pet shop in oxford as it was put in grenvills room ready to be filled with water so then he could put his 4 kitty kat fish in it I reamember thinking I wonder if they purr and eat katkins the cat food after a lot of filling it was time to meet the gang of 4 as he got the tank ready a few hours later it was fine to put them in with a bridge and some green stuff weed thingy as he got them out of there bags and put them in the tank they went to the bottom of the tank with there big whiskers even thou they was quite small so what you calling them I said well floyed and llloyed and luck and duke how do you know whats witch one I said ?well ones got a bit of red on his tail auntys got some cans of kitty kat would thay like some I said ?on replie he said thay eat somethink elese they looked quite funny looking criters I must admit and when I said here kitty kitty they never said a word just sat at the bottomof thee tank image

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