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as you know the best films ever in comedy was the carry on movies so I thought it a trubrute to do a story and as you know in eastern London we have on occation witnessed the black toenail as a master of dissgise one minute hes there the next hes gone

January 15, 2015

the black toenail of white chapple town hes a master of deception one minute hes there on the bus as the black toe nail suddenly appears from the biddys zimmer shopping trolly as the sling back wearer shows the world the unwanted preasant .there have been many siteing but yet the black toe nail has not been cought so lets do this fixtionall or is it true about the explotes of the black toe nail of olde whitchapple town .so lets go to the offices of m 69 theres nothing like a 69 so im told as we meet mr platform and them city slickers one called mr dealer and his mate mr chelses a couple of well tridden in old boots as thay pound the street looking to gather everdence to catch this one thay call the black toe nail of olde white chapple town .and not forgetting mr soal hes a sole man the first one to witness the emergence of the black toenail ,so lets go to the offices of m69 somewhere in the city of London ,as mr platform who has risen and made a stand in the ranks of the servise rises to the feet and asks mr soul how the invesagations are going in the matter so you say you have pics of this one now what you call him oh yes the black toe nail why have you called him this mr soul well sir one of the nails on this slingback club card holder is black that’s the right name for him .no soul boy that isn’t right mr platform said ,I don’t understand said mr soul .it would apperare that this is not the right black toe nail after all it is the left black toe nail now get out there and find me this right black toenail I want this toe nail coaught on pic but it wont be easy mr platform the toe nail suddenly appeared on the bus then when the bus stopped he hotfooted it down on the underground ,I tred to go and see the one thay call the karsey of bethnall green but the karsey hasn’t been open for visitors for many years now so I coulnt see jacksey .I see the proplem it must be verty difficult if you have to see and indeed go to the karsey and cant go said mr platform .so mr soul im going to assinge two people to help you in your quest come in gentall men this is mr dealer and mr Chelsea they have been old boots in there areas ie mr chelsea from Chelsea .so mr soul this black toe nail is a loner oh no sir he seems to work woth a person whom he called a old biddy with this square shopping zimmer basket who came into contact with the sling back wears sling back that day /I see said mr platform no body knows when the black toe nail will appear .so he works with this now what was it old biddy I see .so you will go to this village of bethnall green and find me this one called the black toenail and make sure this time you get the right one this time I want no slip ups is that understood yes sir thay all replied and also I have given you some sopending money in the local currency theres a pony.a monkie and some knickers I hear that in this plce you cant buy anythink unless you haver these things thank you sir oh great one as they bow now get out of here and bring me this finger nail and while your there find me this p that has been taken the p out of the market town of whats it called oh yes white chapple niow get out of my site and by the way you need to summon a posy were okay ive got a posy not a posy imberseal I got a black pussy said mr dealer oh that will do thay like a bit of the olde black pussy over there you know and make sure you pull thjis toe nail thank yoyu mr platform or if you don’t youll be given the boot by the head of department mr cherry doctor martin 20 holer oh no sir thay say not that iolde boot anything but being given the boot by him reaopiort to me in two days yes sir chocks away now men on the double quick march get thous lipps up nice and stiff yes sir thankyou sir tally hoe old bean end of part oneimageimageimageimageimageimageimage

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