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and now its time for part two of the story of the black toenail of eastern London dynnargh welclome falite croeso

January 16, 2015

imagepreviously on the hunt for the black toenail .so its two later and agent mr soul and agent and agenta dealer and Chelsea have been summond to m69 headquarters in the market town of e17 .as they sitout side the office sargent major stiff hifenated hard comes along and says on your feet now jump to it as he opens the door to mr platforms office as mr platform says come in now gentall men as the sargentmajor stiff says quick march on the double get them lips up left right left right you dogs as ease thank you sargent major mr platform says .that that be all sir no just before you go hows it going with the wto new requites to the servise little willy and big dick the two brothers from leather upper well sir after hitting the sack them brother balls brothers are ready to go out on reconasance now .oh brafo where are they now sargent next door sir .good bring them in yes sir he says close the door as you leave sarjent major as he leaves as mr platform askes mr soul about how they got on in the place of the black toenail eastern London so speak soul well sir its like this the black toe nail was spotted on the number 8 bus traverling in a westerly direction towars white chapple I see as mr dealer said we had him under our noses sir but the toe nail was so stinky and by the time we got the camera ready for a right toe nail id mr soul passed out and the bus stopped and he scarpperd on a thing called the under ground net work ,so mr platfoprm said it seems this black toe nail has fooled you again but we have his calling card sir he allways leaves it when he show his black toe nail I see said mr platform so have you used the pony to barter with well said mr Chelsea it was difficult sir we parked the pony up by a street lamp and them the traffic warden put a parking ticket on it and clamped it he said in the repuplic of banglour green now as he said we left England in 2002its all parking restrictions now there as for the carsey of bethnall green we could not gain access as mr platform rose from his desk and said you would of thought the karsey would welclome bums on seats in his establishment now woulnt you so in other wards you could not park your jackseys there so how did you manage such a feet ?well sir as you will see in my report we had to go to the karsey in a little market town called popular its about 3 miles in a easterly diection sir how ever we did mamge to see a pink toe nail but unfortually the pink fingernail got away after playing foot lose and footy with the black pussy that we had with us so we them saw our pussy scabby as it was go with the one thay call the pink toenail of bethnall green and as for the monkey we were charged in a fish and chip shop by a guy who works there the monkie as our dinner costs 25 pounds as for the missing Pfrom the village of white chapple its been lost for centerys and the once british white single mail as been exstined for 6 yearas there have been no possible sighting s in years now sir mr platform so what do you suddjest we proceed as mr platform addresses them it seems apparent that you imberseals have let this black toe nail slip though your fingers and under your nose and still you could not sniff him out with out passeing out mr soul I there for saddest that you put somethink over your nose if you have this black toe nail in your sights or smell again there for it has been decided that to assign with you the two ball brothers from upper leather the little village in the county of shoeshire as mr platform rings the bell on his desk as the door opens sargent major stiff hifernated hard drills them in on the double jump to it get out you sack you pair of useless balls get that willy and big dick up now you cocky pair lips up left right left attention ,as mr platform says thank you sargent major you have done well in the way you handeled big and little dick it coulnt of been easy licking them boys in to shaoe thank that will be all cklose the door please as you leave .so mr platform says you will all go to find this black toe nail I want his pic cought the right one right offt you go and this time you will be put in the eastern market town of coad name e17 there are 2 karseys there so you can park your jackseys in the town and get bums on seats at the double .what about exspenses sir heres you envlopes with the cash that the rest of England uses and some mobile fones with your coad names 1 big dich little willy the olde boot from Chelsea the dealer and fior you mr soul well heeled see you in 2 weeks and reameber this black toe nail must be cought and find me the last known sighting of the missing Pfrom whitechapple and the last of the single whit males now be off with you thank you sir thay all say

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