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ASyou know the queen of the uk keeps her hats or crowns at the tower of London and hat an impressive site thay are

January 17, 2015

as you know the tower of London host a wide collection of the hats the queen has worn to special events like her corination in the year 1952 as one goes into the crown jelwels room you stand on this moving walk way as you pass through the years unfortually you cant take any pics of the items but never the less its worth going to see all that bling and sparkerly things on display there ,as well as thou cor wow men in there sexy uniforms and some even look like they are ready for action  with there mobile cannons thay seem to carry in prime posstion at the lower frount of there outfits .I bet thay take a lot of polishing and rubbing to keep them spick and span as well as the not so portable cannons they have on display there some are realle woppers ,so as you cant see the hats there heres some of mine I have over 34 now in a range of colours and early on last year I made two hats for the reamemberance sunday to commamerate the war dead here and in Ireland ,but little did I know when I wore them at this side of the village the nastiness I suffiord by this heathan lot the comments I got was what you wearing them for you didn’t know them olde british or Ireland lot there dead bitch like the English ghosts of the passed to be forgotton its not p,c and even the whites on the market who are married to some of the sling back clan said you shoulnt wear them trubrute hats it will inflame the ainti englance stance .as I pointed out my uncles was in the war and if it wasn’t for them fighting for the countrys you would be under hitlers rule .oh all the English do is reamember whats gone before .on that reamark I said oh goe and burn in hell you devil worshiper I ask you what a fucking dump here is parden my friench as thay say but really this place at time would make a saint swear.imageimage

guyfawkes born in 13th January 1570

guyfawkes born in 13th april1570

imageimageand as I left wats with that black flag that flys from some buildings here ?it should be a English and the tricolour of Ireland not that black thing I got no answer well what you exspect I suppose ,

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