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the concluding part of the black toenail of old whitechapple town dynnargh welclome falite croeso

January 18, 2015

imageimagecontinued the last part as mr ajent soul and ajent chelsea leave the office as mr platform tells them to get results .later on there back in the eastern London mr dealer where have you been they say to him well ive been dealing a few hands of cards with the tracky trainer boys of wood green sounds a bit fishy to mr dealer said espeially as they are allways doing that strange ritall of putting there fingers down the frount of there track suit bottoms I hope you didn’t shack e hands with them yes I did said ajent dealerwere the fisy fingers in 10s or 16s now 10 fishy fingers they had I thought I could smell something fishy from there fingers you got to hand it to them boys mr ajent soul said. whys that said mr Chelsea well look at it this way it could of been worse it could of been thay had chocolate fingers at least they are not in arreas ,so you cought a sighting of the black toe nail yet ?na big dick and willy such a hand full they are saw a black manky pussy in hot persuit of a single white male in a place called woofing he escaped by a cats wisker as for thee olde black toe nail we saw one go by the olde garlic club that pessel and ajent raided the other day as you know and crushed them in the bowl well they do like it hot and spicey thous black toenail boys said mr Chelsea .but have you notised that here in this eastern London the pathments are allways covered in spit they seem to strike at any time with this spit stuff well lets face it they love stricking here said mr dealer oh look theres a black toe nail quick as the ajents go in hot persuit got the cameria ready quick oh no bad show mr Chelsea as he falls over after slipping on some dogs poo oh jolly bad show when you nearly had him .imageright in the brown and smelly I say you don’t have look shitty olde been may be next time lets go for a snifter but first get that poo oft your boot its not to be sniffed at ,oh lok thers the black toe nail quick put your foot down hard and we might just catch the tow nailon film mr dealer its time to stop playing footcy with toe nail oh watch out theres a man with a big sauceagey dog as mr dealer topples over on top of the dog and thee dog says main nak me ist bett vorse hund ,did you get him oh ive landed on my bleeding harriss after a bruch with the sauceagy dog as ui bruched its top coat I say olde bean harriss makes wonderfull brushes as mr soul goes to help mr dealer get oft the ground .lets see oh iy will have to do weve tried all we can to catch this black toe nail lets ring mr platform and tell him .as they punch his number in to there phone its ringing mr platforms office mr hussy puppie speaking I cant here you are you giving me the silent treatment olde bean hold on move the phone around said mr Chelsea oh that’s better I can hear you now is mr platform in his office yes whoms calling mr dealer your suppose to use coad words any one could be listening inn yes hold on ill see when he can see you a few minutes go by he says be here in one hour british summer time,yes sir as they end the call go for a snifter not to be sniffed at and then arrive in reception hell see you now go in as mr platform is sitting at his desk so you have news yes sir they all say heres a pic of the black toenail of olde whitechapple as you can just see hes got 6 toes on his foot .so mr platform says its not very clear is it but it will just have to do what happened to you mr dealer well sir it was like this as we tried to persue the black toenail I encouterd a sauseagey dog was it English one no I think it was from Germany what makes you say that ?mr platform said well sir when I had a brush with it it said main nak me ist bett vorse hund whick I think meand im a big sauceagy dog you idiot my german isn’t very good sir ,the dog was right you iberseals still the pic is surfihant to keep on fkle if thses reports keep coming in about the right black toe nail .that will be all gentall men we will be in touch about your next acciment cheaque in the post to you all you have all done reasonably well close the door when you go out men on the double left right left right thank you sir until the next time tally hoe then tally hoe mr platform says good bye and that s the end of m69 we do it mighty dandy and fine investergations depertment  starring mr platform .            co starring mr hussy puppie,also featchering mr dealer and mr Chelsea a right pair of olde boots with special guest appearance by them balls brothers big dick and his cocky brother little willy and there sack .also starring mr pessell and morter and the olde black pussy hair by scabby coat and not forgetting the black toenail of olde whitechapple town  with special apperances by the p of olde white chapple and the tracky trainerboys with the 10 fishy fingers and finally the saucagey dog the big one .THE END slain,image

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