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And nows it time to take a look back at the secpit tower years the demise part one of two dynnargh welclome falite croeso,

January 21, 2015

CNV00008Oh dear the troubles and trubulations of living here at secpit towers from January 202 to now ,as I take a look back at the dark years of my time here and there have been times when I could just shut the door and walk away in this manless diisspictible place and belive you me that would be an understatement .thay say that London is a place of the streets paved with gold and plenty of oppertuity that isn’t the case pavements full of spit why do they do that ?and its been one disaster afterannother .thay say this countery is a free exspession and you have laws to protect you to that I say wake up and smell the coffee your having a laugh.over the years with trouble with the council and the indervissialls to do the job well a 5 year olde could do a better job and to be honest ill be glad to see the back of the place the trouble here is that its one law for one and one law forannother if your going to have Pc then it must be fair for all  or not at all but I have come to disspisse this place in tensely and I only go out in it if I have too and how I haven’t clipped the biggorted bastards that live in the place with the handbag across the face is a miracle I can tell you .some okay but its so much like Braintree was back in the 1970s and until the 1990s .but the main thing is that I cant go out wearing what I want who the fuck thay are and of course when your threatened you just want to reatailiate you know the 2 fingers a sign of comptempt in England to show ones displeasure or even the one finger will do .but its just not only that there are many factors to take into concideration why soon ill go from here .some people here are okay but a lot aren’t .to be continued in part two coming up also the vist the return to the v\a the history muesium and the Hampton court palace sio until then.

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