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like a olde bear the p.t.o.r.s.out there again spraying his sent of cream cakes again dynnargh welclome falite croeso

January 25, 2015

I was sitting in the chair in the dark at 830pm last night Saturday as by the window there was this bounding of two sets of  feet as once again his bounding down the street as he deep breaths away as he goes on his way it p.t.o.r.and his mate as he walks by now pauls very heavey footed and he breaths very deeply with the wofft of them cream cakes again he must of made a new batch but the catch is he never sprays like a olde cat on his own he allways brings one of his frends as he sents the terriortry again .some one should give him a human biology lesion after hes done the deed and sprayed out side he soon gone like before as he bounds down the street and no doubt return to sent for another day .hes only been one of three that has left his sent the other one that used to smell like cooked bacon was kieth of woodgreen been gone now 8 years now then of course finally guido fawkes of 1606 with the musty smell of gun powder  as hes ghost was there as you know for his grand appearance as his sprit lives on after 410 years I wonder if sent will live that long so once again im left here with no cream cakes for another day tyipall men and talking of men if heard storys about how thay can only do the deed once a day you know so instead of using zink carbon batterys why don’t they use the non carbon batterys that last 5 times longer .so cumm on you guys lets have a supprise supprise im sure I can ditch the diet for one day you got the sent im looking for so give me them cream cakes and don’t be such a growly boar , as paul is an aries born in aprill

guyfawkes born in 13th APRILL1570

guyfawkes born in 13th APRILL1570


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