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January 29, 2015

PTDC0443 PTDC0442 PTDC0444 PTDC0448 PTDC0447PREVOUSLY WE LEFT IN PART TWO BINKY PINKY AND DINKY AT BETHNALL GREEN STATION ON THE RED LINE CENTRALL ONE AS BINKY WITH THE PONY SHANKLEYS PONY TO PAY FOR THE 3 TICKETS SO THEY CAN GO ARROUND THE CITY AND THEN TO REPORT BACK TO THERE BOSS IN HEADOFFICE KNOWN AS STINKY I SAY OLD BEAN ONES HAS THE PONY YOU WANTED TO PAY FOR THE TICKETS TO GO ON YOUR PUFF PUFF TRAIN THINGY .AINT YOU GOT A LOBSTER CARD OR EVEN A OSTER ONE LET ME GIVE YOU A BIT OF A PERALL OF UNDERGROUND WISDOM MATE GET AN OSTER CARD ON THE BUSSES YOU CANT PAY WITH THE DOSH ANY MORE GREAT SCOTT DID YOU HERE THAT OLD BEANS NO MONEY ON THE BUSSES THATS SIMPLEY BAD SHOW SIMPLERY NOT CRICKET OLD BEAN SO YOU AINT FROM HERE ARE YOU LOT SO YOU BEEN TO A FANCY DRESS PARTY THEN GEEZER WHATS A GEEZER OLD BEAN SAID BINKY IS THAT A CHAP OR A FILLY UH SAID THE MAN AT THE TICKET OFFICE WHAT ARE YOU YOU ANIT ENGLISH THE TICKET MAN SAID OF COURSE WE ARE OLDE THING HERES THE PONY CAN I HAVE 3 TICKETS THAT WILL BE 3 .ONE TO 4 ZONE THAT WILL BE 18POUNDS MATE BUT AS YOU HAVE THE PONY YOU GET 7 POUNDS CHANGE DONT SPEND IT ALL AT ONCE HERES YOUR TICKETS .HERES YOU ARE PINKY AND DINKY OLDE FRUITS ,OH WATTO HOW DO WE GO THROUGH THE TURN STLES AS THIS OTHER BURLY TICKET MAN SAYS OH MATEY PUT THE TICKET THROUGH THE SLOT AND CATCH IT OUT THE OTHER END AS YOU GOT LOBSTER CARDS ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS JUST LOBB IT IN AND OUT AT THE STATIONS AS YOU COME AND GO I SEE SAID DINKY HOW SPIFFING AS THAY STAND ON THE ESCULATOR I SAY BINKY SAID PINKY THEY DONT HAVE THE WOODEN ONES NO MORE AND WHATS MORE THIS MODERN MONEY ITS GOT SMALLER WATTO WATTO WHATS THAT SAID DINKY NO SMOKING WELL THATS A BIT MUCH I WAS JUST ABOUT TO HAVE A CAPSTON CIGGY OH DASH AND DASH AGAIN SO BINKY SAID I WONDER WHEN THAY STOPPED SMOKING ON THE TUBES AS THIS MAN SAID THEY STOPED IT GESE BACK IN THE 1980S WHERE HAVE YOU BLEEING BEEN MATE .AS THE TUBE GHUGGS INTO THE STATION THEY BOARD THE TRAIN AND SIT DOWN AS ITS STARTS UP BY GEORGE ITS ELECTRIC HOW THRILLING SAID PINKY I THOUGHT THAY WOULD OF GONE OVER TO DEASCIL ONES .I SAY BINKY LOOK OVER THERE ITS A BRAINTREE BOILER HOW DO YOU KNOW THAT SAID PINKY WELL LOOK OLDE BEAN THERE 5FT LONG GREEN TOUNGES GONE ACCROSS THE CARAGE INTO THAT CHAPPYS PACKET OF CRISPS I SAY HOW FRIGHTFULLY COMMON WITH ALL THAT YELLOW FUR ON IT AND LOOK THE CRISPS ARE STUCK ON IT AND LOOK BINKY THERES ANNOTHER ONE A FILLY WITH EVEN A LONGER TONGE I SAY BINKERS JOLLY BAD SHOW YOU KNOW AS THE TRAIN PULLS INTO LIVERPOOL STREET THE VOICE SAYS CHANGE FOR THE CICLE METROPOLITAIN LINES OH DAM WE CANT GET OFF PINKERS WEVE GOT NOTHING ELESE TO CHANGE INTO ONLY WHAT ONE HAS GOT ON WE HAve to just chance it come on pinky and dinky binky said as they gets off the train chugs down the track ,I say binkers the olde stations looking spic and span your right olde bean now lets get outr of here to the street ,and see if one can find others like us I say I wonder if the olde smoke has changedas they go up the stress to the main concourse .I say binkers look there all watching little tvs sets oh by golly your right pinkers and whats that black thinky that chappy holding to his ear lets go and see oh look hes one of us funny suit it must be the fashion in these times as dinky says what that thinky your holding to ones ear what mate the city slicker said What mate what sort of laugwich is that ?how frightfully common dinky not public school obviously oh look theres a telephone box lets see if bussby answers .oh its broken said dinky thay don’t look like thay use public telephoned any more oh poor bussby where is one and do thay havet hem on this colour tv s they seem to have in there hands here what strange race they are .lets ee if we can get some ciggys oh look there a newsagents oh yes old chap lets investergate by George look the ciggys are 7 pounds a packet that’s 650 more than we pay in the 70s lets look out in the street as another modern city slickers stands by them on his fone yea mate allright mate yea cheers geezer nice one .oh great scott what happened to the English oh look thay drive small boxes on wheels no british ones wheres the zephers cortinas granadas gone ,I think weve seen enough time to go back to the place called banglour green as they get back on the tube thay see this white bloke snogging this mixed race one as binky said not for me cant wait to return to our own time as thay arrive back to the bethnall green station oh look binkers the ticket office is closed for tiffin I like triffin bars don’t you  ioh yea said pinky and dinky now wheres the karsey oh look there it is as they walk by it reamember reamember reamember as they hold hands as the time closet reappears quick lets go as the door opens a they get in and start it upand set the year to 1978 and in a flas there back in Birmingham to put in there report to mr stinkers oh look were intime for crossroads the motle from ATVDSCF1965 the end

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