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the return to the science muesuim in western london

January 29, 2015

PTDC0327PTDC0319PTDC0318PTDC0318PTDC0317PTDC0316PTDC0249 PTDC0250 PTDC0251 PTDC0252 PTDC0253 PTDC0255 PTDC0256 PTDC0257 PTDC0258 PTDC0259 PTDC0260 PTDC0261 PTDC0262 PTDC0263 PTDC0264 PTDC0266 PTDC0268 PTDC0269 PTDC0270 PTDC0277 PTDC0281 PTDC0282 PTDC0283 PTDC0284 PTDC0285AS one can see theres lot to see here and you need two vists to see all the items thay have on display there theres cafes and puplic conveniances and staff on hand to advise you as you look along the items next time I returned to the tower of London to see if one could see hunky guy fawkes as I stood taking pics waiting for that fine figgPTDC0441er of a man to appear and once again when I called him he came to me as large as life so until next time then

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