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the return once again to the natural history museum in western London for the 4th time

February 2, 2015

image image image image image image image imageOn a cold February day I vencherd back to once again to take some more pics of the place .and as paul my dragon is getting lonely I notised they had some big fluffy dinosures on the top shelf in one of the many shops that they have in there so this hunky guy got them off the shelf ,and here they are hes called guido guy fawkes and also there Thomas winter and Robert winter .so they can join the other things I have on my bed but paul the dragon always stays on the chair in the living room on the bed I have m the brummy lock ness monster hes a Birmingham city supporter and mr cuddles hes the brontasaureious ,and there a dodo called Robert Catesby 3 foxes Thomas percy john wright and christoper wright and 6 bats merlin .Winston  robin hood ,dick turpin ,batfink. and finally slap and tickle,i tell you its a fight at night as with all them on the bed how I find room for me .well lets face it theres no men about so I have the toys to sleep with ,

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