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so whats it like wrighting a blog as its not as easy as one might thinkand as on a first of 2 lookbacks be fore the final end of the blog dynnargh welclome falite croeso

February 5, 2015

imageptdc0477DSCF3015PTDC0141DSCF2943DSCF2980DSCF3013DSCF3007DSCF2455DSCF2598DSCF2924PTDC0008DSCF2358PTDC0143DSCF3563I must admit I didn’t realise how hard work is doing the blog ,mind you unlike me you really need a lot of freinds to start with from a wide area to get it started .at first the gentall author helped thank you to them but after the first inishall burst of readers the blog went into a fast decine and when it should of had more readers the figers said other wise ,as you know in the early  years of the blog it was about my early life on the farm and various places one had lived and the people and annimals I encounterd and then it was the men whom I had the misfortune to meet and on my part it was about getting justice for what some of them did to me unfortually justice was never done and I don’t make a penny at this so be warned if your expecting riches then forget it only the lucky few make it big it was often said to me on the street here at the time why talk about the countryside were Londoners and it don’t really up our street after all who sees a headless horseman in London or places in eastern England that it be said had no interest or appeal but on my part I thought that showing the readers here about what other places are would broden there perpectiveas for the ghosts I encounterd in the past mind blowing as that expression goes and resontley the ghosts ive encouterd like at the tower of London the sexy guy fawkes what a guy with his distinctive gun powder smell and that smile that would warm even the hardest heart and to capture him on film wow after four centerys have passed in guy fawkes time cameras haddent been in vented  they didn’t come in to the 18th centery .on this short return to the blog I thought before long I shall have to leave London story next for me living in London has not whats its craked up to be the most lonely poorsets times of my life .so in a way after no man ever smiles at me since p.t.o.r.over 5 years ago to have guy fawkes smile took me back as I thought at the time you cheeky sod ,but its nice for a man to say hi im friendly want to be my friend even though its just there sprit that still lives but there bodys died and gone as you know I have to do the blog all on my own its the preparation and getting every thing ready and the planning and then drawing the pics they take an hour or two and sorting the pics paying for the train fares and the pics to be put on cd and going to wood green to get them burnt on to cd as well as running oft the pics them self you need a small mortgage to do it ,and then its hard work and very time concumeing goeing to the places and taking the pics and rushing here there and every where to get the connecting trains to the far away places ,and on this return I thought it to be conduseive to go to the famous land marks of the city of London like the tower of London .crystal palace .as well as Hampton court palace ,Alexandra palace in northan London I think I must to of been 100 towns in the past year mind you filing in February or January its better to o it in the summer monthes really but on these final dieing days of the blog I guess it just lost its appeal even though I vencherd in to places where angles feer to tread as they say with no punches spared as it is so if your thinking of doing your own blog good luck and make sure you have a net work of friends to help promote and read the storys nothings more disheartening than going to the effort of doing the story only to find no one can be botherd to read it good luck nowptdc0490ptdc0488

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