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so lets take one last look back at the towns the 15 which I think that are the best and the worst in London

February 8, 2015

SO lets start with wood green in northan London n22 so why is it one of the best towns to vist? well woodgreen is a large place with in easy reach of centrall London there are many different nationallitys live there and every boy gets on the high street its self has a good range of shops with all the well known brands there as well as think now what they called we don’t have them in bethnall green oh yes how could I forget toilets theres one by the turnpike lane tube and one in the mall shopping center talking f tubes wood green is on the Piccadilly line the dark blue one it has threestations one on the hill and one at turnpike lane .a bit further on is harringay and that station is served by the London uverground the orange one ,there is a good bus series that serves the town which the 123 that runs via Tottenham n17 terminates at illford in the north via walthamstoe  e17in the east ,the ast shopping center hosts cafes toilets as well as the big chain stores as a various lots of shops you can buy any thing from a paper back book to a pair of draws .                                                                                                                               next lets have a look at Croydon its a vast town that’s situated in southern London mind you I allways think that Croydon is too big to be a town its more like a city the place its self is steeped in history they have one of the oldest pubs there as well as 3 shopping mals the biggest being of the wift gift center Croydon is served by many bus rutes and you can get there via the orange London overground train servise which runs every few mins there many cafes and they have regular events going on in the town it has many people from different back grounds the place has many shops and bars and is not that far from purley oaks it nesseles just out side London in the brough of merton theres lots of charity shops there as well as I market and it has lots of arcutecture from a bygone age so why not go and see like wood green for your selfs                                                                                                                                        next Islington county in northan London is a large market town with loads of shops and in the week hosts a market where one can purchase any thing from veg to a handbag the people there are friendly and there plenty of shops in the shopping center and even very posh shops as well as your every day shops food wize or clothes theres plenty of cafes and toilets in the shoping center theres a little park where in the summer one can sit and whatch the world go by as well as cinamers pubs and clubs and caters for all tastes and on a Wednesday and Saturday hosts the chapple street market so if its a hat you want or something retro then its the place to go and with very interseing bulidings theres a lot of new building works going on there by the waterfrount Islington has allways been a fashionable place the county town which is on the black northan line and has many bus es that serve the town and has many celebs that live there its part of hackney council . next walthamstoe is a large market town in northan eastern London its most famous person that was from Waltham stoe was William morriss he was in the arts and crafts movement and some of the things he helped to bring into production was wall paper did you know the colour green came from arsnick? and also its taste of modern fame was e17 the opo group in the 1990s with a string of hits to there name .the town has a daly market which is adorned with any thing from veg to clothes at compective prices as well as the big boy reatailers the mall shopping center in its self caters for all tastes there toilets to sit down areas cafes as well as charty shops run by Waltham forest council its nearest neibour is wood streetwhere one can look through the old indoor market and Tottenham in the north walthamstoe is served by the light blue line the Victoria one and also main line serves from Liverpool street theres lots of busses that run to Waltham stoe and is near by leyton and whipps cross in the east the people are friendly so lets go to Waltham stoe with its parks and they even have a big coloured tv set out by the shopping center theres also a cannal and lots f fields where they have a few old cows that daily grase as the train goes by and theres a reserdent big gray herron that frequents the wheir as he goes for his fish supper .                                                               ah next Wanstead like a picture of a secret garden with its parks and church the council goes to great lengths to make the town a pleasant place to be theres shops pubs cafes and toilets taking note tower hamletsyou could learn a think or two from this great council take note in the summer and in the spring and autum the air is filled with the various sents from the flowers and even in winter the place has lots to do and see with people playing sports and dogs being walked and it has a sence of history therewith its welcolming sign the town is served by the red centrall line which runs a freaquent tube servise the people are friendly and theres charity shops there so why not vist your self on one of the gems of other London , next is Camden is a busserling place with its markets and retro clothes stores and two big markets the market town has to offer theres cafes and the cannal runs through the town theres lots of town center shops and lots of famous people live there its a good mixture of people who are friendly and the town has a welcloming feel about it in a place that you can buy anything in the ton is served by the black northan line and has regular buss serveces .                                                                   next Catford in southjeastern London talk about he coolist dudes of all they are very layed back people there the town is vat and hosts the shopping center with its many shops its run by Lewisham is the next large town from there but catford has lots to see and do the town hosts cinamers parks and various entertasin ment as well as charity shops the people are friendly and help fullhe town is on the major main line train serices which you can get to via clappenham junction as well as local bus services .next is stratford in eastern London the olimpic city with tis town center shops is served by the main line train services and the red centrall line the town hosts a big shopping center and also a small one there cafes and the well known reatailers that are there it has parks people I fouind unhelpfull its part of newham is hackney in eastern London .its a small market town which hosts town center shopping there the big boys there in the high street with a few market stalls theres loads of charity shopps and lots of new bulidings going up theres pubs and cafes its served by the main line from Liverpool street local towns upper Clapton home of miss libby the famous lady that writes about dogs .next is west ham and upton park in the eastern part of the city theres loads of shops run by newham council as you know the hammers have there stadium there and on match days the place comes a live with claret and a sea of bluethe laces are seved by the green distric line ,next is Tottenham n17 as you know poor old Tottenham has been through the wars over the years but on the whole the town has a charitor of its own the town in its self is many of 1930s dwellings but has large food shops an industriall easate which is by tottenhale main line station the town has a varoirty of shops pubs and clubs and is also on the main line from Liverpool street and is on the Victoria blue line there are many busses that go through the town and has many different  culters  there with lots of different foods on offer with resteronts in easy reach of centrall London ,                                                                      AND nows its time to look at the undemocratic state of bethnall green and according to thh they left England in 2002 the town is the most imbalanced high street of all of mostly sara shops as soon as one of the shops closes another one is opened in all 30 shops in one small place there are only 7 shops that we all can go in here the pathments are coverd in spit why they do that is beyond me theres no workin toilets and the town has mostley retro shops in brick lane but no shops that sell clothes from every one  its seems you have to to northan London to buy anything on the whole some people are okay but a lot are rude wont intergrate you cant wear what you want or exspect to be stoned shot at spat at insulted  famous saying here british white pig the black flags fly from different bulidings here theres lots of new flats going up here but not enough shops to cater for the increased demand as the shelfs are usaaly bear theres a traditionall butchers but the rest of the shops sell total shit except the stationers there use to be when I first moved here a better range of shops but sadly have closed down  the other old shops of the reaming 5 is croossfold for electric cables boots opersy inglall macdonnalds and the village store other than that theres nothing else I feel sorry for the people of bethnall green it should be fairness for all not to be a mirror image of a far away land next is white chapple the times ive had rows with the obnousius people that work there there saying is white freek and does any body stand up for me not on your nelly as you know the town is steeped in history like the bell foundry and the times jack the ripper did his murders there in the past the town is on the disstric line people some okay most disspicible and that’s an understatement  next is poplar e14 its a small market town in the eastern end of the cityits hosts a crisp street market lots of dwellings people are quite friendly and theres some shops its served by the docklands light railway and its neibourings towns are stratford in the north and bethnall green un inderpendent state in the east and they have a ghost dog which runs across the road from Essex house to the park and finally its number 12 Wimbledon run by merton council the town hosts the tenniss champion ships the town is in southern part of London sw19 and also the wombles live there on the common its a great place to shop and hosts many parks with lots of old bulidings and with its vast shopping center its a must the town is served by south west trains and the disstric line new balls love and next time as the votes are being counted who will be the best own to vist coming soon and then its the final two storys before I say I final good bye so until then,imagethe black flag of bethnall green that fly hereDSCF2614DSCF2141DSCF1353DSCF1175DSCF0918DSCF0802DSCF0806DSCF0809DSCF0798DSCF0603

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