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so lets return to the braintree years to monday april the 20th easter and the first meeting with the headless horseman of old cressing village so its time to go back 28years to the day ready lets then go back in timeand nows its time for the last everstory on my time here the ghosts of my life and why there as relivant today as he as allways been dynnargh welclome falite croeso

February 10, 2015


the first of the two vists from the headless horseman of old cressing village back in 1987 and 1992 as he roade up and down the road with that disstintive red light and unbeknown to me until resontley that guy fawkes from 1606 was in the shadows

It was easter Monday it was a warm day and ted had wanted to do his shopping in the market town of Braintree I reamember my pussy was panting in the heat that’s the trouble if you have a big hairy pussy any way ted said lets go to the 3 ahes for a game of darts we can walk over the fields behind where you live after all its not a bad day temperature about 70f as I thought oh that dark long road sent a shiver down my spine at the thought of it mind you earlier on around the 14th of aprill on the Monday the week before there had been a full waxing of the moon and there was me thinking about that bar of chocolate I brought that I was going to scoff the lot watching easter tv oh well never mind maybe another day so about 7pm ted came and we went over the fields to get to the road rather than come out of plainsfield by johns place it was still quite warm if I reamember as we got on the the old dirt track that evanchally leads to old cressing as you know the temple barns are on the main witham to Braintree road and in the 12th centery was part of the Templar knights kingdom the temple barns are still there today as we walked along the road I thought why coulnt we go in stle by car its not like ted drank more than half a pint of cider oh well as the road seemed to go on for ever in the full version of the story as we left the pub only having a couple of drinks after me winning the games and it was long way home ted was not being able to walk fast and kept stopping and being easter weekend there was not much traffic about in thous days Braintree and the surrounding area was as not as it is today any way after leaving the pub we started along the road by this time it was dark no moon to be seen as we walked passed the last bungalow you could see its dim lights in the windows and as you know if you live in the country side theres no street lights down the country lanes to speak of as I reamember saying to ted oh forgoodness sake ted will you get a move on I haven’t got all night as I could see him muttering under his breath as I said thank you ted for the complement as he turned around and said I called you a dragon any way the road was uneven and the grass verge was not at all easy to walk on as we stumbled along in the dark ,all of a sudden this old lamp appeared with this red light id never sen any think like it as I said to ted at last Braintree distric council have put a light up I didn’t know they had had you ted ?he said its about time as the road twisted and turned any way all of a sudden we could here hoof prints coming along the road as I looked at the lampthinking what a preaty red glow and how unusall type of bailb as it seemed to have a life of its own like lots of gasses in it all of a dudden the hoof prints got louder and louder as I looked at ted do you think some ones out riding or a tv people are making a film as ted said not at this late hour surly heath and safety woulnt like that im sure and before I knew it there was this big black horses head snorting as I looked up there was this body with no head on it just this big black cloke as the moon suddenly appeared as full as can be the breeze had picked up as the cloke was lifted to one side by this old wrickerly blueish colour hand and there he was this old man with them piecering blue eyes and this long greay scaggerly beard as I stood there I coulnt move as he stared at me and smiled at first I coulnt say anything to ted the old red baulb was flickering away but at the side of the lamp it was about 10foot tall was this like yellow light at the time I thought perhaps it was the refection of the moon but there was grass verge there so how could anything shine like a yelloy light when as you know moon light would cast shadows and this lights both of them had no shadows only what the red baulb chose to show and the yellowy light had gone as weel ted said did you see that yellow light I recon theres some one else in the shadows watching ,wree are they we have everdence to take to the Braintree and witham times with 3 of us as ted said I don’t think you understand it was another ghost oh I don’t like this what we going to do your scareing me now are you sure theres oanother ghost yes he said and he did nothing but look at you what you mean ted thous eyes my dear of blue hes a man that’s wanting to give you one now do you get it my dear in other words attraction so I said well that will be a first and tyipicall man dissapeard then as I peed my self I said to ted as all of a sudden he was gone ted said I woulnt of belived it if I hadn’t seen it with my own eyes the stroys are true what you mean I said ?its the headless horseman whats the date ted said its Monday the 20th aprill 1987 then I reamemberd that on this date since the 16th centery that once a year the head less horseman would ride through the old village of cressing I tell you we ran down that road as fast as we could go by this time the lamp had gone we didn’t go across the fields we stayed on the main cressing road that runs to Braintree from witham and new cressing we soon came to the turing as the moon appeared again but it had started to wain in to the 3 quarter position in other words getting smaller as we last arrived at the beckers green road turing some of the houses there had there lights on but no one was milling about it all of a sudden got cold and the wind was biteing cold like it was going straight through you I looked at ted and the hoof prints started coming down the other end of beckers green road and the lamp started to appear the red light was as bright as can be as ted said look theres that dimlight again as I said where and there again there was the headless horseman the cloke went back and in the street lights you could majke out the clour inside his cloke was red as he showed his head with that long greay beard and hair with them piercing blue eyes ted said look that yellow lights fadeing quick who its it sorry its a tall figer I recon a man and look the red baulbs gone and so the horceman after that we rushed in doors oh johns light was on and as you know the lights stayed on for mothes after ward s ted coulnt go home he had to sleep on the couch then as you know we went back in 1992 it was also a Monday the 20th aprill whys was it allways on a Monday anyway as you know it had ben quite chiily that aprill the full moon was on the 17th of the month we did the same things as we did 5 years eatrlier I reamember that at this point ted had moved away back to a little village called Finsbury park in the northan London I had to lower my self and wear the same out fit I did back in 1987 well really you would of thought I could wear a new one espeacally if there a man in voled with that yellow glow as I said to ted well if hes a bloke ghost or not I want him to see me in a new out fit after all I diont want him to think I hadn’t made an effort now do I and as you know I took a camera and the same things happened as before but this tiome the sppoky part of it was after I tried to capture him on film when he and his mates yellow glow at the side of the lamp the lamp took on a different insrtead of the boulb filling all the big glass shade it first of all lit on the frount then the right side the others was blacked out then the left and finally the back but when we took the pic inside it was just a shadow on the intermatic print end of part one

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