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I coulnt go before we have a quick look around the London reagion bringing you the storys closer to home dynnargh welclome falite croeso

February 10, 2015

imageptdc0207as you know in banglour green undemercratic state of bethnall green which here and in lebus street in white chapple and in brick lane ive encounterd one of the most hate full rude type of person you would not want to meet with out kicking them in the balls hes disspicable hes obnouitious he a person that makes comments like white people are sick in the head freeks so heres a little thing for all you white haters here do as the romans do and stop being a total pigs I have been treaten by crow bars that s one of the resons I stopped going down the market in the afternoons on a sunday hes got the biggest chip on his shoulders and this type know thaycan get away with it as you know I have no one to stand up for me and no body ever comes to my assistance and as that womon in the council office said people like me and the homosexuals aren’t in titled to police protection as its not reaconisted your types and people will allways pick on your lots and the council are aware of the scurmisses  and now unfortually there even on the little market out side boots so be where and here the little bastard is welclome to 1950s biggorted Britain, next time the last ever story its a good job not all mixed race men and woman are like them here isn’t it ?

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