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Part four as we return to the ghosts of the past as he waits in the shadows with the old lamp shoeing it’s light of red on only the left hand side all the other sides of the lamp are blacked out dynnargh falite croeso welcome

February 11, 2015
Where there is a token of love between heaven and earth back in 1993on 20th April that I will never forget thee

Where there is a token of love between heaven and earth back in 1993on 20th April that I will never forget thee

This is between Braintree and with am once the stomping grounds of the knights Templar back in the 12th century then the bough ting grounds of the headless horseman As he rides his trusty steed with the shadow of the man as he stands by the old red bald lamp on aprill20th

This road opposite in this picture is where the headless horseman rode on them nights back 1987and1992


Once the ghost of the man with the old lamp used to come regularly

Once the ghost of the man with the old lamp used to come regularly

imagepaul and Keith from the time on the farm part of thee Oxfordshire years

as the lamp appears once agin on its last vist back in April 199 3 and like back in 1987and the year before in 1992  at 0130am as the darken sky fills with the disstitive red light and in the shadows this ghostly figger with his hat is there all you can see on the right hand side is the glow of yellow as I look out the window as I look to the tree that outside and then the lamp and the shadowy figger  faded way and all that was left was the moon as it casts it spooky shadows rond and around as the sound of the old tree in the wind as the owl gave its hoot again  and the moon beams danced to the tune of the creeping tree as the dark clouds came over as the only light was of the sodium street lamp as I stood by the window again as the street door creaked open as I went to the door to see whom it was as I looked towards the bottom of the stair cace the door was wide open and as before the moon appered once again and once again the light appeared but this time the light only shone to the right side of the shade as the red bulb flickered in decently like it going to explode as the ghostly figger stood there in his hat and clocke and in a flash he was gone as I went down to close the door on the old bush there was like a water droplet on the leaf as the moon light once again shone on it as it sparkled as I  went to try and touch the leaf it was as cold as ice as it touched my hand then the old lamp appeared for a moment as the figger came back and bowed his head as he took of his hat but I could only see the out line of his look like a bearded face so big and tall as he like whipped his clocke around him and in a swish he and the lamp had gone as I picked the leaf the  water drop was on it as I put it on the unit as it shone like a jewel in the light then I went to bed and in the morning I went to find the leaf but sadly it had gone with out a trace but yet on the bush there was no other droplets of water and there had been no rain later that day I phoned ted and told him what had happened as I said about the one single water drop let on the leaf and how there had been no rain as the ghost returned again image

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