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and now for somethink extra and its time to return to the chelmsford years and the dissasteriuos pe lessions all 5 of them in the end it was decided and safer if i went instead have a ciggy behind the bike sheads as i didnt exell in sports and also at my time at pe lessions in the braintree years as it made me remmber as the brummy sexy monster brought with him his hunky school teacher mate eariler today dynnargh welclome falite croesoso ready so lets return to 1973 and the day i got stuck on that hobby horse thingy

April 3, 2015

as one knows from time to time ones has the very welclome vist from the boys from Birmingham ,earlier in the week id seen the mr cuddles and his mate wayne and today it was the return of the brummy lock nes monster with his smoldering good looks the alfa male that he is you can always know when hes in the little village as the building shakes when he arrives out side the door ,over the pat 3 years ive met quite a few of the brummy boys one even beats up cages on this occation it was time to meet this alfamale a pe teacher as he stood there all manley as soon as I saw him he reminded me of the pe teacher of 1973 and 1975 on the terrible sports lessions of long ago I must admit I hated sports all that jigging and throughing your self about I felt a right tit .on this occation all the class had to jump over this big brown hobby horse thingy the boys found no proplem with the task but as I tried to run I got stuck on the thingy and I tell you the pain as they tried to haul me off I walked bow legged for a ew hours I can tell you the tops of my legs had hobby horse burns and not only that if its supopose to be an horse where was its tail and head .the next time waswhen we had to through this sticky thingy like a olde fashioned lance now I cant through over arm only under arm as I thought while holding it wheres the scarf you tie around it and its not like a dart where one espects to have a filight s any was the pe teacher was standing about 6 foot in frount of us the others had no problem throughing theres how ever I possioned it to fire and just missed him by an inch I tell you he went a shade of white like the colour just drasined from his fissogg face .the third time was in the Braintree years when we had to try and through theses saucer things boy warnt they heavey every one else got hold of the thing and span around and they shot off but hell I coulnt get the stupid thing to fly off and when it did it just plopped down a about 4 inches from me then of couse there was when we did scence lesion the boys used to play football as in the summer youd here the hunky pe teacher say to the boys pick them balls up kick them higher and don’t dribble your balls .and talking of ball games we had to in this one lesion turn your hands around the other way with the ball under your chin and then fling the thing away from thee ,any way I just count get the ball to do it and the think was heavey and smelly and had dimppels on it evenchally the hunk with the beared came over and ill show you how to do it I thought oh yes please darling any time any way he stood behind me with his musslerly body and arms as he geaped hold of the ball as I then said sir why are the balls all stinky and got green stains on ? you could smell his brute 33 after shave on him as he grapped my hand and said squeeze and hold the ball now let go as I looked at his manly hairy hands so big and powerfull and strong .as I could smell on his brath the smell of ciggy and how hot it was against my neck I thought wat a he man he is wow .then there was football I went in my high heeled shoes on the pitch I thought im not wearing them daps no way its high heels or nothing the pe teacher said you cant play in them they was a mixture of different shades of brown with a 3inch heel as I told him im not wearing them smelly old daps for get iti got a weeks detention but I was ot going to wear them daps at no price .and then was the time thay we had to try and lift the very heavey balls called medicine balls I coulnt do it I thought you cirtainlet need a nip of the medicine after lifting that thing as I tied to see if there was an opening to see if there might be a nip of brandy in side it but I coulnt find an opening strange how you see some one who then reaminds of you of some one from your past the resemberlance was uncanny see the hunk from Birmingham city this morning later on I went to our little village store and as one was paying for ones groserys this guy came up and said we thought youd left as your no longer in spittle fields life anymore as I told him theres no plans to do any more the gentall autor has done all the material about me and I did the closing story last june 2014 and not only that theres so many other more interesting people for them to tell there storys now as im yesterdays news in the sceam of things but it was nice of him to enquire have a happy easter now everything has its time and people move on I just got left behind in life.

the hunky brummy lock ness monster the alfa male

the hunky brummy lock ness monster the alfa male

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