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now its number 2 of three as i look at why men are so creal part one so dontcha wish you had a girlfriend whos pink like me whos a celtic breed dontcha handsome ?dynnargh welcome falite croeso

April 22, 2015
billy he became so dominant after the breeder sold him to me knowing he was once a outdoor gard dog and before I had him was used as a stud dog for breeding

billy he became so dominant after the breeder sold him to me knowing he was once a outdoor gard dog and before I had him was used as a stud dog for breeding

Over the years from the age of 5 years old its allways fasionated me why are men so hard to under stand ?whats makes them tick ?why are they okay one day then a total pig the next like a hair dryer .and why is it with them you cant do right for doing wrong and no matter what you do its never good enough or if you buy them something its not desiner enough .its often been said to me your a fanticey and that’s all you are after leading you up the garden parth as they say .but the thing that gets me about them is why is every thing realayed to there friends .?I didn’t realise this till 2008 nd in the keith years but not to the end of 15years of what I considered a friend ship only to find to my cost other wize .but when trying to find a date on them internet lines in the distant past on 8 of them and I returned breafley to see if any thing had changed .but it was only to cauce frustration and disappointment so it leaves me with the question how do you form an alliance with any man ?as I look back on them two storys come to mind in this part one of my findings .there was this cross dressing guy who sent a message to one he said im into ladies clothes I work in an office in the city .now I must admit I like my men beared tall and hairy like big polar bear with blue eyes you know ?anyway he was from Derbyshire so I said im too far away from you but you can come to London by car at the weekend and we can go to the shop in Euston that will be good for you to buy things that men who are made for outfits if you like ?so then he said oh my son goes there okay I said oh hes transsexual and has a feller so I said I bet your happy for him .oh no he said its disscusting I told him I cant have anythink to do with him .so I said you bloody hipracrit you dress up your self in ladies attire and yet your son whos now a lady whom you should be proud that hes gone through the biggest thing in his life .he said that’s difference so I said your a biggort good bye and by the way you have just been texting one .but then we have to go back to the Tottenham years to 1996there used to be thses couple of secondhand dealers who from time to time had a couple of bits of furnature I had to buy from them as when I had billy the bulterrierused to pull the arms of the chairs and leave good luck messages every where any way I used to have a joke with them as one do .they both had girlfriends I didn’t think any think of it they just ordinary guys a bit weedy thin any way I was in the kitchen with billy on a lead as they was carring the chairs in they was talking away when andy said to paul oh pressious you are. I must admit I felt in the wayas I knew of there girlfriends and not only that it was the way they looked at each other in that strange way that I hadnet experanced before it wasn’t until 2009 that id see that look again in pauls eyes p.t.o.r with that beeming cheeky smile of his then of course the ghost of guy fawkes at the tower of London from 1606 back in the  late part of last year December 16th2014 as you know many of the men I have known have been called Paul and of the aires star sign in reasont years I have know two libras October birthday sign I must admit I don’t much care for them not only are they a totall pig star sign they we one of them was a interfering olde busy body that stirred the shit with between me and one of his staff and I founthey have all gone  d one a over bearing control creek how ever I would not want to encounter one of these indervissials again thank you as your aware I’ve have know many Paul’s in my time but now they have all gone in the post Paul area of my life but for me Paul is a name that’s sinonimous of hear take and disappoint ment with there jive talking so let’s hope I don’t have the misfortune to encounter any more not on your nelly my dears

the one and only p.t.o.r with his manley sent of freachley made cream cakes from 2009

the one and only p.t.o.r with his manley sent of freachley made cream cakes from 2009

thjey came four more times but but when I sent billy back to the breeder as he was getting to dominant I dint have to buy no chairs no more from then and they closed up shop about 4 monthes afterwards

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