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As the monsoo n rains fall heavey in banglour boring green how i crave for the thing called fun and excite ment in the town full of hate dynnargh welclome falite croesoand chriz opened his wallet up after five attempts he opened it after it kept slamming shut only to. Find a green pound note last issued back. In 1980and a ducett from. Ths 1700 i told him thefe out of circulTion and the next time you see ypur priavate doctor ask him to perform open wallet surgry on your wLlet

August 26, 2015


They was supposed to call in the morning. But came in the afternoon typical

They was supposed to call in the morning. But came in the afternoon typical

Oh life in banglour green anx fhem pee taking sad excuses that run toser hamlets homes shpuld be awarded the title of piss taker of the word title as the ongoing proplems with the imberseals whom i boked ths apponitement for them. To do the gas boiler in the morning 8to1pm they said well ill or not i still. Havd to work so off i went and at 2pm i battled against the monsoon rains anx blestery winds to go to. Holborn in centrall london you know its posh part of the. Camden councill as on ths tube i observed the city slickers and how they look. Down there long noses at you with there dissaproving ways shock. Horror as they have this walk with there little suited bums all pert as they sweeze there cheeks together as they walk down the platform as i watched and did some on the spot dianoseas. He must havepiles or is his draws to tight as i watched this city slicker walk by as looking posh as can be oh i knkw shy he walks that way as he liked squeeked he must be a tight assed tory ass so tight like a fishes watertight with his pink. Like blueish lips as he anwerd his mooble fone as hs got on the train. And said yea allwight mate me on me way catch you later cheers gueeze as he did that ritall of rubbing his lace up shoes at the back of his legs how frightfully common as he bent down to pick. Up. His fone with his pert bum on show and before i knew it i juzt had tosayoh bottoms up olde bean jolly good show and its oft we go tally hoe as igot off at hoborn. They just dont haveany class these days and i dont go out with cityslickers with no. Class what a silly ass hewas and after looking around the. Shops it was time to return to the monsoo. N rains of eastern london as tje streets was slippery with the pathments asypu walk ypur feet get wet where the slaps moove up and down as the ground is not been leaveld imageiive known mang torys in my time

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