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every thing comes to an end in this final story on here dynnargh welclome falite croeso thanks to every one who read the blog but times up after 5and half years

March 7, 2016

when I first was asked to write a book about my life over 25 years now I thought at the time oh people woulnt be interested in me let alone what happened in my car crash of a life .so over thee years I thought about it and then I was asked to sign off the dole and as I thought with years of living in advent poverty in places that was no better than sqwuats in my time in London and living a life from hand to mouth and at the time I was trying my hand at doing designs fashion one to impress the guys and then as you know I was asked to do some filming with the great gentall aurthor as at the time I was doing self employment as I thought oh well it would be great to be not only famous but have some money as well at the time I was only going to do 12 storys to see how they would be reciveved then I would carry on if it worked out as the moderling continued and more filming took place but sadly even thou I became famous I didn’t get richer and just found my self in dept unfortually self employment was a total disaster

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