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happy easter 2016dynnargh welclome falite croeso on the dieing days of secpittowers its

March 26, 2016

so lets return to 20012 and self empolyment for years i tryed to get a job since coming to london at that time so on the various training placements i went on i was told by cdg its either you try self employment or you will get no dole money so in the may of that year i went self employed but little did i know the pit falls of it with the endless papper work and when you have to go to other areas to get the things market stallor boot sale stall holders dont give the reasats and even thou the variuos filming i did i never got a penny the working tax creadits was no much better than the dole and even thou over the time i did thousands of pics but by the time i payed for development and train costs i only made a pound but i thought it was better to earn a pound than go back to the dole but thethink is when you enter self empolyment you have to buy every think thay dont help with any expenses and thats when the depts start then this august as you know ill health blood clots got the better of me and i was told danger of death to work so i informed them at the tax creadits thay said at the time do your best so i made a few small fluffy toys ready for christmas and called various people whom would be interested and the telefone bill came in was over 500 pounds but i thought that will cover some of the costs but sadley when i t came to posting the mouses had bitten through the lot and disstroyed them all and then the workmen smashed the comptor and the mouses eat all my towels and most of my outfits was disstroyeed and i had to make some new oines out of curtain matterial the councill wanted allways oridginall docs for the tax people and would not excet copys and then promist to send to the tax people then thay said they didnt get them and now say thay want all the money back and now thay only pay tax creadits to corperate bussness and not private indervissialls in fact thay cut my benifit off last aprill 15 shame when i went to get themoney there was none in there and after numious calls they said we dont know why you never got it so due to ill health in september i left so bewhere do self employment have lots of spare cash and make sure they dont conn u happy easter 2016

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  1. March 27, 2016 10:11 am

    Is there anywhere you can get advice ?

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