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so lets return to thetottenham years 1995and the day skin boy 👦 paul rang up to say oh i fink im dieing ive got a bad 👎 cold and cant go out can you come around and hrlp me cheers 🍻 olde girl 👧 dynnargh falite croeso

April 4, 2016

hy is that when i man gets something wrong with him he automatically things the end of the world comes so off I went on the bus to wood green with home made scotch broth in my basket as I went to his bed sit a few secondps later he came to the door 🚪 as I went in to his flat and it was a pig sty with over ciggy filled ash trays and beer cans all over the floor and piles of washing up and when I entered his bedroom astronned on the floor was mucky books and a poster of Maggie thatcher oh do you like my poster he said of our great leeder I’m a concprrvitavev voters. He said so I gave him his broth and set to work 🏢 on trying to sort out the ness to my horror so Paul what’s these hanks on the floor she looked sheepish and said its something us geezers do really I said I’m not touching that as I went into the kitchen and looked at the green and black mould in the washing up 👆 as I said the lot can be binned I’m bot touching that but he said that’s what birds FO clean blokes don’t do that now clean bitch as I soaid you’ll comply as he went back to his bed under the covers so the washing up I binned it and then I went into wood green and brought him some new crockery and sauce pans on my return I went into his bedroom and I pulled back the covers only to find he was sleeping with his bover boots on get them off I said oh he said I alleays sleep with them on so I said well if you don’t get them off ill take them off for you you ca. Try he said so I went to the wardrobe and found two ties he said oh there my cipper ties as I said sounds fissy he said there from th e 1970 so I said boots off now ill try you to the bed bead bird go on them as I fought hold if his fist and tied the tie arroind it a d tied the other end through the he’s board and did the same to the other wrist and after 12mins of untieing his bovveer boots 👢 I got them off to see a pair of so ks with holes in them and after untieing him he went into the living room as I put all his bedding in the bin and put ob new clean ones then I ran the bathwater and he had a bath and I watched to make sure he did it as I cooked his dinner and went and got him new bedding and I looked after him for two weeks he looked pleased men

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