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this is uttoxeter calling dynnargh falite croeso welclome

September 10, 2016

as you know my life came to an end back in june this year it seems that from the pics the interest finally died out in july on my last public appearances at the society club thanks to babbett and her gang for displaying the pics it was to be a catalogue of events that would see the demise of secpit towers and towerhamlets unreasonable behaviour so I had an offer from the kind people of Staffordshire to come to live here after discussing with mark the boyfriend over the past three years on me moving closer to him as he lives in the west of the county  fantactic he said as we disscust the idear of marriage  after all as I told him man is chosen by woman to obey so it was decided that on the viewing of the new place that mark would do the move with his mate the pink finger of Brownhills olde townwe agreed the priceand when the move would take place so on the 15th of july came on a wet day I cought the train from London Euston and changes at stoke on trent after 2hours nand then got the train to derby as it chugged down the track full deasil ahead we arrived in uttoxeter by theestation is the famous race track tally hoe its oft we go and then I went from the station passed the dabble grey statue and into the pleasant town center with its   aray of town center shops some have opening doors and with some so vast you get lost in them with so much things to buy so I got a map of the town center and it rained so hard I saw on of the housing ladys in the high street and she took me to the office to  get a map of the estate I walked down the long country road which seemed an eternity but after having to call the office I found it the housing officer was waiting even thou I was half an hour late and she showed me around and I excepted the place the housing officer was very pleasant and help full and gave me a lift back to the town I was soaked to the skin as I rang the boyfriend just to confer the move he said his boss woulnt let him use his van and he would orgineise an other one as for many years I did a lot of bussness with the firm but like any one else when these firms start up they want your bussness and when they find more custermers they don’t want to know but what finally finessed it was when he said your taking my friend away from me and called me a freak so that signalled the end of that accoation I got back on the olde desil train to stoke on trent and then got on a virgin one they are spick and span service and you can buy teas coffees on the service I got back at the undemocratic  republic of banglour green in the late hours the next day I rang the boyfriend at the time hes attuted changed after sending him the money from items I sold to matt and door he became nasty when he said you took it upon your self to come nearer not my response abilty  not my problem as I told him in no uncirtan terms what I thought and remined him of all the help id given him over the past three years and after not seeing him in `16 monthes yet he expected me to help him then he said I don’t want to upset my mate  even thou he clams to work for him self so I thought what can one do so I went to brick lane market and saw matt who brought all the cookers and told him of my plite he said he would do it with his mate woofie a Viking nd then he came a long wow I looked in amazement at this Viking god wow all he needed was the horns he was musserly blond and tall with loverly blue eyes so on 30th of july they came and starting assessing what needed to be moved and the cost before I left I said goodbye to every one at the market  and gave a note to ptors mate jim telling him I was going  to uttoxeter  I was hoping hed call to see me but sadly he didn’t  next time the story continues on my leaving of secpit towers so until them slain go foil

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  1. Libby Hall permalink
    September 10, 2016 3:50 pm

    Now we will get to read of the much happier times in lovely Uttoexeter. Hurrah for the move and all the new adventures to come!

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