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part two this is uttoxeter calling dynnargh falitecroeso welcolme so letsreaturn to the death of secpit towers on august 2nd 2016 as mooving day finally arrives as i leave 1437 and get ready to go to englandwith passport in bag

September 12, 2016

with coming to terms with mark letting me down i finally went to find rubber jonnie as i went to his shop hes mate said oh hes just slipped out as i said im not suppriced with thous troucers he wears a triffel over exposed as i thoughyt how does that man managed to pack so much in thous jeans with out him splitting his sides but if you think about it rubber jonnie had for the last time slipped through my fingers again as for his french letters i reamember saying to ptor about this when i asked what note paper are thay written on his replie was read your womans books and then said thay are written on rubber its a mans thing not to concern your self on what mens best friend as i thought he must be very continental in his views any way tuesday came and woofie and his mate matt came and it rained and rained the heavens opened like never before as woofie came in in just his black teashirt soaked to the skin with his musserly torso showing off his pecks wow and as they started loading the van up i reamemberd it was the time of the moon waxing oh my god what happens if woofie starts looking for it and races hes head and starts to howl what am i going to do it took along time to load the van and evenchally it was time to go but alot of the things had to be left behind as matt  only has a meduim size one unlike mark who has a bigg one as i said i just got to have a big one to get just the shoes in so he said ill come back i said its shoes a girl cant go with out shoes as i had one last look around the flat i coulnt help but shed a tear mainly of the friends i knew i suppose the people i will miss the most is the gental author and our chats and when thay used to come and film the latest decorations lets face it the gental author brought education to banglour green and the rest of london and with there wonderfull storys about the city of times past and even today as you marvel at his informative educational works and the people thay write about like colin with his pics of crashes in camberwell in the 1950s and 1960s r i p i found him a very pleasant man . and there of course libby the orrier queen of upper clapton who when she mooved there with her late husband tony upper clapton was a run down dump but over the years libby kicked ass and now the area is one of the most cleanest and up and coming places in eastern london and with her wonderfull storys and pics of not only your avaerge pooch but london suffolk in the 191950s and 1960s england she is a leader of woman she should be mayor of londonn in my view then theres the bottle top man a most charming very intelligent man and the immaginitive art that he does with humble bottle tops brings a maGIC TO HIS WELL GIFTED WORKS  BUT LASTLY THE ONE AND ONLY P.T.O.R AND HIS SMELL OF CREAM CAKES AND AT CHRITMAS TIME HIS MAN MADE CREAM TOOK ON A MORE CREAMY SMELL PERHAPS ITS THE CHAMPANGE HE DRINKS SO PAUL PTOR IF YOUR EVER IN UTTOXETER AND WANT TO CUM AND DO SOME CITY BOY SENT SPRAYING THEN THIS GIRL WANTS YOU BABY THEN THERES THEM TEASE OF THEM CITY SLICKERS WITH THOUS SLICKER EYES AND WITH THERE BULGINE WALLETS DOES THERE WALLETT LOOK BIG IN THE POCKETS AS THAY MINCE DOWN THE PLATFORMS AS FOR TOWER HAMLETS ITS A FINALL GOOD BYE TO STEVEN HILL AND HIS BENIFIT GANG WHO DIDNT WANT TO PAY AND THEY EVEN THOU THEY GOT THERE FLAT BACK WITH NO EXCHANGE THAY NEVER EVEN GAVE ME THE MONEY THAT YOU GET WHEN YOU GIVE UP THE TENNICY HOW MEAN IS THAT .SO GET YOUR CHEQUE BOOK OUT TOWER HAMLETS YOU MADE MY LIFE HELL AND GOT WHATR YOU WANTED SHAME ON YOU .SO AS FOR LONDON DO I MISS THE PLACE NO I DON MISS THE HAtefull reamarks like go hom white trash or the pollution or them planes going over ever minute or the mouses in the flat so secpit towers is no more and there will be no blue plack to say boudica once lived here and in bethnall green i wont be missed so look out in october for id mag  its about me and my time in the smokey city  next time its uttoxeter calling what a wonder place it is my ducks in part three so untill then


Mean as dirt even thou i help him and he never sees how unreasonable he is

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