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so lets return to thee london years and the finall death of my time in the undemocratic republic of banglour green in 1437 and the break in dynnargh welclome falite croeso

September 15, 2016

when i arrived back to secpit towers from a vist to see ones mother i just coulnt belive my eyes at the total deverstation it was like some thing of a crime tv drama so i called the police and the gental author he came a stuck a broom handle on the kitchen winder and helped tidy up untill the police came the two officers was very help full and one of them asked the neighbours if thay had witnessd anything but sadley not but yet if  you put a pair of yellow draws out on your line then the whole of the street knows about it so at last with thanks to every one from the uttoxeter libiary who helped get the pics after one machine just blew up  but the most chilling part of the break in was how my irish pixey head was snapped off and in my compact was written kill the british whites i knew then it was time to leave it was never the same there again as the remarks in the place was out in the street was racist like go home i was glad to just walk away like all things a cycle came to an end ptor had gone 7 years before even thou he as you know sprayed his terrorty the pics had come to an end and the filming had stopped as you know i did the laST INTERVIEW FOR THE SPITTLEFIELDS LIFE JUST BEFORE I LEFT BUT IT WAS TO CHANGE MY LIFE FOR EVER UNFORTUALLY A LOT OF THINGS GOT STOLEN OR WHAT THE MOUSES DISSTROYED THE PEOPLE TOOK 

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