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its time to bring back ajent dealer and chelsea from m69 as they along with mr pussyinvestergate dogging sites woof dynnargh welclome falite croeso so lets return to 2013 and my ads on the severn internet sites and the fanticey story of agents dealer and agentschelsea and hes a right olde boot and mr pussy oh hes ever so kattie meow

September 20, 2016

so lets return to ni on 3 years ago now so i thought id make a few friends by placing some ads on the internet sites there was many replies to the ads and one from the brummy bear but these blokes talked about this thing called dogging i reamember saying to one of them are you from barking oh no he said darlin romford aint i innitt so any way after about the 40th one who said we go dogging at whippy cross in northan london as you know i went there on the bus all i saw was a bloke dressed in full armour standing in the woods and heres his pic i tell you you just cant get the staff theses days men so now its time to start the story about agents dealer and chelsea in part two as we see the boot well on the other foot as once again MI69 investergates again with speacial gest star appearnce by the only one mr pussy who thinks hes the cats whiskers meow so lets go to the offices of MI69as we once again meet mr platform who has a leg to stand on good morning gents mr platform said your late where have you been ? you know the motto of our orgineiation  dont you we allways cummon time as you can hand it to us to ablied  can you handle it ? sorry sir they say so gentall men please be seated .heres the breaf you will go to investeragate these dogging sites that we have heard so much about here are your desiges go and put them on as thay return oh i say dealer olde been you look abit dogg eared woof stop yapping chelsea as he shouts out loaud as he come out from the curtain as dealer says wow i love the bulldog outfit a really tight fit your barking up the wrong tree chelsea said whys that dealer replies its not a bull dog out fits its a allsation german shepard all of a sudden they look at mr platform i say sir why is your knobs flashing red white and blue oh jolly good show olde thing ah im glad you ask that dealer and chelsea its the call sign to say mr pussys on hi way to the office from the village of spittlefields in eastern london as i knock on the door cum in here as mr pussy makes his grand enterance oh i say i big black pussy as mr pussy said im just the right colour for eastern london in fact 10 out of 12 men they perferd me as he started scratching as mr platform said i think you have picked up a few fee fees mr pussy i know you think your the cats whiskers but sir ill have to get sprayed that sounds pain full agent dealer said .so boys heres your pass words you dealer are salt and you dealer are pepper with my conderments what are you sir well im tom sauce oh i say mr pussy said sir i allways knew your so saucey as mr platform turned around and said reamember your british thats simpley not cricket whatto where are the trainsmitters sir in your tails when you twiddle the two knobs on the frount of your outfits the top of the tails light up and then my knob will flash in your colour so i know its you dealer your red as your an arsinall supported and your chelsea is blue and as yoiu see mr pussy is red green blue end of part one next time we go out in the dogging site with agents dealer chelsea and mr pussy at whippy cross also olde bill in his panda car with the bear facts to his hand

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