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so lets return to ad60 andboudicca the icceni queen who with her husband and three daughters ruled eastern anglia parts of what we call today cambridgeshire in the westand how my perdessor who the sling back romans who invaded england really peeded her off to such an extent she burned the first roman city cadaloudium to thee ground in ad 60 dynnargh welclome falite croeso

September 20, 2016

as you know in london area about bouicca you all know the story but in staffordshire  she like arent well known so to aqaint you with the facts heres her story of how the sling back romans from the continant the olde common market invaded many countrys in europe and took slaves and made places like england there home in fact 4 centerys they was here but not in scotland the pits and lockland nessy of lock ness put a stop to there game but the modern day worrior queens still exsit even today take for instant miss libby who still rules her lands of upper clapton in here war against the undireables who dare travel there in ad 55 england was ruled by many tribes which fought against each other .even thou julie and her gang came and tryed to in vade england in the past but got a good kicking with there own sling back sandles reamember there was british here it wasnt untill ad approx that the tribe from londinuim couldnt cope with power as the two brothers at the time sent a message to roma and a few weeks laters julie and her sailing ships came along the english channel from gaul from day one there was trouble with julie and them short skirts and you can only ammagine how the wind howled up them skirts still at least they didnt get any mould of damp smell in there nether reagions after all that med terainion heat they had encounterd for years julius  ceaser soon started putting her heel down and started to bulid the first roman town in eastern anglia and then the roman olde bitch just got too big for her sling backs the romans started to tax the people heavey to pay for the bulidings in london thay bulit tempels and concreate bulding s and straight roads and villas with underground heating they brought big buldings the bigger anything is the more of a statement it posses but thay was a creale ruthless people you would of thought that people that lick icea cream would of been nice now woulnt you ?. the romans coulnt keep it in there pants and would have anything that mooved they raped bouiccas daughters after here husband died and then had the cheek to ask her  for her husbands money she turned around and said up you roman bitch i anit paying now on your charrriot so boudicca was flogged in the town in frount of all her icceni followers she was the first queen of england . so she got all the local men together and made them obey her demand to give julie and her roman bitches a good hideing and for revenge she and her army burned cadaloadium modern day coldchester to thee ground and the tempel of clardiuos went up in flames along with the british who adoped the roman dress further more she then proceeded to londdinum and burnt that as well as verimium saint albans that got the boudicca treatment but sadley boudicca met her end at a place called forest hill which is now in southern london where the romans fooled her and then cut her off at forest hill where rather than be torcherd by juluis known as julie she drank the poison and died as for the icceni people who made torques which thay wore around there necks from solid gold the romans killed most of them and the places was flattened and the rest melted into roman society the romans made big statues to there own self importnace and ingaged hadrian to bulid a big wall to stop the pics from invadeing but in the end the romans had to call it a day and after 4 centerys of sling back rule with the trouble of there falling empire thay went home pennyless its be said is burried  underneath euston station and at hamstead heath in northan london theres a burial mound to her as for modern day roman it in the 5th centry burnend to the ground and today thay still havent found any liras to pay for full repairs

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