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so lets return to the banglour bethnall green years and the day at the localpost place so its back to 2014 benifits give me more benifits he said dynnargh welclome falite croeso,

September 20, 2016

ii was waiting in the que to post marks letter and a cake as i often say to him you can have your cakes and eat them in frount of me was this fat bloke in black .i thought as the people behind the counter was talking to each other .i thought ive got things to do evenchally the bloke was called and after he put his card in the machine and trying variuos combinations he got the right coad as the lady gave him his receat as she then payed the money out to him the que behind me started to build up as she then proceeded to count the money out to him he collected it and it looked quite a lot of money he then threw it at them and said is this all you pigs i want more benifits more benifits the lady behind the counter said you must take youll get more next week as he got more and more in a rage you pigs he said as every one gatherd the 50 pound notes as i thought to my self and said to the bloke behind if only i had that ammount each week yet i have to work for mine i dont have take the pee he said i aggree but what can you do as the bloke snached the money with out a thank you and stomed out the shop

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