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its part two of the story of the internetchatlines dogging site chat woof as we return to agents dealer and the refindolde bootchelsea well heeled so iots back to 2013 dynnargh welclome falite croeso.

September 22, 2016

so lets return to the office of mr platform as you know in the previous story off the black toe nail .so we goes now to mr platforms office of MI69 oh i say sir said agent binky dealer wont a panda look out of place in the dogging site why do you say that olde been ?.i think a panda will look okay so troops lets show you how the equipment works now mr pussy by the way old fruit your late its simply not tennis jolly bad show mr pussy your on the cat whisker trainsmitter frequency 450 megerhursts .as you for you binky dealer your on V H F F 45 megs and you agent dealer your on U H F ultra higher frequency i say sir why havent we gone digical its simply bad form as mr platform replied we at the department cant afford modern tec there are cut backs you know reamember your british.excuse me sir how does theses things work ?> glad you asked dealer see your on the ball ill give you a quick breafing  i say sir mr pussy replied ive got my bref ones on as mr dealer says oh not the ones with the union jack on oh yes said mr pussy i know jack quite well hes into black pussy and i see your showing a packet oh youy are naughty boy mr dealer i bet its not the first time you got a packet mr chelsea said as mr platform interupts and said gentall men please reamember your british now lets gets down to the bussness in hand . so let me demonstrate dealer on your feet now quick march shoulders back on the double lets be having you .attention at ease . thank you sir chelsea said now gents lets me show you as you can see the tail is the trainsmitter.and turn around chelsea you see the three knobs on the frount yes sir they replied .whats that red one for glad you asked mr pussy the red knob is for the frequency you have to squeeze and turn it dealer and mr pussy report to me now quick march.on the double get thous tails up yes sir thank you sir thay said now then switch on by turning the blue knob, the white one is for to hold down and talk .when the tail lights up you know that contact is ready you can also contact me now you try chelsea send me a message oh sorry sir mr pussy said it looks like dealer has broken my knob off as i asked him to help me as i found my knobs ever so stiff as mr platform shouted you imberseal thous out fits cost a lot of money cum here now let me see i say olde bean mr platform said how cum mr pussy you would have to have a stiff knob you cool cat that you are as mr platform gets on the fone and asks for the tecinall department as a voice on the fone replies tec department agent dick speaking as mr platform tells him about how mr pussys knob broke off in agents dealers hand you really have to hand it to him agent dick said oh very funny we are not ammused ill come in right away to look at mr pussys knob sir a few mins later agent dick comes to the office .lets see come here pussy so how cum dealer you managed to break off his knob youll have to fill in an a456 report on the events .yes sir dealer said stand still mr pussy let me see if i can fit a new knob on you . thank you sir so mr platform said can you do any thing with his knob ill have to give him a new knob ill just go and get a replace ment sounds painfull chelsea said as he left the office and returned a few moments laters .so dick you found a replacement knob for mr pussy yes sir as he attaches the replacement at last mr pussy you have a replacement dont break that one off try it is very still sir no problem ill lubeicate it for you in future you can applie the 69 cream youre self thank you sir end of part two next time the agents go out on to the field to try out there eqipment and see if there tails light up as they trains


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